urban roosts

  1. Which bird used to be called a rock dove?
  2. What does the killdeer use as a nest?
    The ground
  3. (True or False) Some of the places sparrows and finches build nest are small places in buildings, inside pipes, or under a tiled roof.
  4. (True or False)Cities are a good habitat for pigeons because people like them so much
  5. ____ were brought to American from England to help control insects.
  6. ___ will flock together in large noisy groups and roost in the tops of trees on cold winter nights.
  7. (True or False) Snowy owls sometimes catch their dinner by flying slowly and silently looking for movement on the ground.
  8. People will help welcome the ________________________ by putting nesting boxes on skyscraper ledges for them to come egg their eggs in.
    Peregrine falcon
  9. Where would a barn owl like its nest in the city
    In an old steeple
  10. What's birds name means "creeper into holes"
    House wren
  11. Abandoned: left behind or unused; either unprotected, unneeded, or unwanted (pg. 150)
  12. Originally:
    at first, in the beginning (pg. 151)
  13. Species:
    kind or type of plant or animal that scientists group together because the plants or animals share many of the same characteristics (pg. 151)
  14. Cavity:
    hollow place or hole (pg. 151)
  15. Suburbs:
    area of homes, stores, and businesses that are near or right next to a city or urban area (pg. 154)
  16. Clamor:
    loud noise, usually for a long time (pg. 158)
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urban roosts
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