Final set 2

  1. A noncriminal process that commits disabled or otherwise dependent individuals, without their consent to an institution for care, treatment, or custody, rather than punishment
    civil commitment
  2. In civil commitment, certain procedural safeguards are not available, such as
    a right to a trial by jury.
  3. There are two principal forms of resolving legal disputes throughout the world
    1. Either the parties to a conflict determine the outcome themselves by negotiation, which does not preclude that a third party acting as a mediator might assist their negotiations

    2. The conflict is adjudicated, which means that a third, and ideally impartial, party decides which of the disputes has the superior claim
  4. Be able to describe The Golden Rule
    He who has the gold makes the rules
  5. In the Golden Rule you seek ____ not _____
    information(knowledge) not Affirmation (opinion)
  6. The golden rule is influenced by
    - Media, Education, Religion
  7. The origins of the legal profession can be traced back to
  8. Know the lawyer’s original three (3) functions:
    • 1. Agent
    • 2. Advocates        
    • 3. Jurisconsult
  9. Know the original definition of “Attorney”
    An agent, a person who acts or appears on behalf of someone else
  10. Answer to test
    • - Armadillo
    • - Tom
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