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  1. According to National Safety Council what percentage of all collisions is caused by backing of vehicles
  2. wich of the following statement regarding hose loading is most accurate
    The rea must be closed to other vehicular traffic. Pg 30-32
  3. which of the following statements regarding excessive speed is least accurate
    it takes far less distance for a fire apparatus to stop than it does for a regular passenger vehicle. Pg26-27
  4. which of he following statement regARDING COLLISION IS. MOST ACCURATE
  5. where should a tiller instructor be seated during tiller operator training
    In a detachable seat placed next to the tiller operator's position. Pg 32
  6. what is the problem found with "home built" vehicles that have been constructed by members of the fire department
    They are often operated over the gross vehicle weight of the chassis
  7. which of the following is a cause of lack of driving skill
    inability to recognize a dangerous situation
  8. when setting up for a backup operation, the spotter should be set up in the left rear view mirror, approximately ____ feet behind the rear and slightly left of the apparatus
    8-10. Pg 36
  9. which is the most effective way to communicate with the drivers from th rear of the Vehicle
    Hand signals. Pg36
  10. which cause of fire apperatus collisions accounts for a significant portion of overall damage cost
    Improper backing up. Pg25
  11. which of the statements regarding backing the fire apperatus is most accurate
    Backing up is one of the most hazardous actions a driver will preform. Pg 34
  12. staristics compiled by the NFPA and national fallen firefighter foundation historically show that ___ percent of all firefighter injuries and death in the us are caused by vehicle collisions while responding to or returning from emergency calls
    20-25. Pg 22
  13. accoding to the nationals after council approximately ___ deaths occur annually due to poor backing practices
    500. Pg34
  14. which of the following is not a general rule to consider when backing up an apparatus
    Use rear view mirrors to properly position the apparatus for backing.  Pg34-35
  15. in term of firefighter fatalities while responding to or returning from emergency calls, data shows which type of collisions are by far the most frequent and severe for aerial APparatus
    At intersection. Pg22
  16. which of the following is prohibited by NFPA 1500
    Riding on the tailboard or front bumper. Pg32
  17. all riders on the apparatus must be seated and wearing their seat belts before the apparatus
    Is put into motion. Pg 30
  18. what safety gear must the tiller operator and instructor wear if they are not seated in the enclosed tiller seat
    helmet and eye protection. Pg32
  19. which of the following statement regarding collisions is most accurate
    Good situational AWARNESS involves forgoing the right of way if doing so decreases the likelihood of a collision. Pg 24
  20. which NFPA provides recommended examples of driving exercises and driving necessary for aerial apparatus driver
    1002. Pg24
  21. which hand signal gives the command to "stop now"
    Form X with forearms crossed tapping forearms together in an exaggerated fashion
  22. Which of the electrical load management system watches the system for added electrical loads that threaTEN TO OVERLOAD THE SYSTEM
    Load monitor
  23. which of the following statements regarding how maintenance aND INSPECTION records can be used in a warranty claim is most accurate
    they can document that the necessary maintenance was preformed
  24. which nondestructive test uses iron powder to detect flaws and defects
    Magnetic particle inspection
  25. automatic tire chains may not be effective when driving in reverse and in snow depths over
    3-6 inches
  26. steering wheel play should be no more than about ___ in either direction
    10 degrees
  27. cracks or damage around the lip of the wheel prevent
    A proper seal of the tire to the rim
  28. which of the following is not inspected as part of the exterior equipment
  29. which NFPA standard explains the preventive mainetance skills required of a driver
  30. the difference between curb weight and gross weight rating is that
    Curb weight is an empty apparatus and gross is when all tools and equipment is in
  31. in dual air systems with engine operating rams pressure should build from 85-100 psi within
    45 sec
  32. during an air brake test the brake should set automatically between
  33. what permits proper inspection and efficient operation of cleaning apparatus
    Clean engine and functional parts
  34. which nondestructive test uses high frequency vibrations to detect flaws within pins and bolts in the aerial device
    Ultrasonic inspection
  35. personal should wear appropriate hearing protection if personal will be exposed to noise levels in excess of
    90 decibels
  36. stability flow and fire pump testing are all parts of what pre service testing
    certifacation testing
  37. in the parking brake grade test the brake must hold the apparatus in place on a
    20 percent grade
  38. what are the 2 basic groups of apparatus tests
    Preserving and service test
  39. which of the following is not part of inspecting the aerial device extension/retraction system
    Breathing system
  40. what is the final step in a walk-around inspection
    Performance functional test on apparatus system
  41. which type of preserving testing is preformed after the apparatus has been delivered to the purchaser
    Acceptance testing
  42. third party testing is typically required for what kind of procedure every five years
    Nondeconstrutive testing
  43. what reduces the corrosive effects of chemicals on steel components of the apparatus
    Frequent washing where the chemicals are
  44. which NFPA standard identifies different levels of emergency vehicle technicians
  45. pumping engine overload eating must be performs during acceptance testing when a fire agency is located at an excess of what altitude
    2000 feet p138
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