1. The brand name given to a drug by a particular manufacturer is known as the drug's
    Trade Name
  2. If a drug s ordered with the latin abbreviation ac it should be administered
    Before a meal
  3. Drug distribution is the time required for the plasma concentration of the drug to decrease by one half
  4. A drugs portal of entry into the body is know as the
    Routes of administration
  5. Which of the following factors may have an effect on drug absorption
    • Routes of administration
    • Metabolic degradation
    • Inactivation by stomach acids
    • Blood flow to absorption site
  6. Principle organ for drug metabolism
  7. Approximately what percent of inhaled aerosol reaches the lower respiratory tract with current delivery devices
  8. Which of the following factors can increase the lung availability/total systemic availability ratio of inhaled drugs
    • Efficient delivery devices
    • Inhaled drugs with a high first pass metabolism rate
    • Mouth washing
    • Use of a reservoir device
  9. A 2 year old child is seen in the emergency department of a local hospital and croup is diagnosed. The physician orders a dose of racemic epinephrine via SVN to help reduce the subglottic swelling. What size aerosol particles is most likely to deposit in this regiion, providing the greatest therapeutic benefit to the patient
    Particles 5 to 10 um
  10. What is the particle size range for pulmonary diagnostic and therapeutic applications
    10 to 15 um
  11. An aerosol is best defined as
    A suspension of solid or liquid in a carrier gas
  12. Traditionally, what percentage of agiven dose of aerosolized medication reaches the lower respiratory tract, regardless of the type of delivery device being used
    10 to 15 %
  13. Pentamidine is delivered via
    Respirgard II
  14. Ribavirin is delivered via
    SPAG (small particle aerosol generator)
  15. The stimulation of which receptor sites produces bronchial smooth muscle relaxation
  16. You are treating an asthmatic who also happens to e taking propranolol (B blocker) for a history of cardiac arrhythmias. What type of effect would you expect albuterol to have on this patient
    Little or no effect
  17. The peripheral nervous system consists of the following
    • Autonomic nervous system
    • Somatic portion
  18. Cholinergic
    Drug causing stimulation of a receptor for acetylcholine
  19. Anticholinergic
    Drug blocking a receptor for acetylcholine
  20. Parasympathomimetic
    Agent causing stimulation of the parasympathetic nervous system
  21. Sympatholytic
    Agent blocking or inhibiting the effect of the sympathetic nervous system
  22. Racemic epinephrine comes in what percent solution
  23. Formoterol
  24. Salmeterol
    Serevent Diskus
  25. Racemic epinephrine
  26. Arformoterol
  27. An anticholinergic that can be administered by aerosolization is
    Ipratropium bromide
  28. Atrovent is approved for
    Maintanance treatment of airflow obstruction in COPD
  29. Combivent is a combination drug including
    Albuterol and Ipatropium
  30. Cardiac effects of aerosolized ipatropium bromide include
    Little or no effect
  31. The most common side efect of anticholinergic bronchodilators is
    Dry mouth
  32. Mechanism of Xanthines is
  33. Currently recommended blood serum theophylline level for the managment of asthma is
    5 to 15 ug/mL
  34. Which of the following agents are currently approved for administration as an aerosolized mucoactive agent
    • N acetylsteine (NAC)
    • Dornase alfa
    • 7% hyperosmolar saline
  35. Is not a hazaed associated with the use of Acetyllcysteine
  36. Pulmozyme is the trade name for which mucoactive agent
    Dornase alfa
  37. Standard dose of dornase alfa for aerosolization is
    2.5 mg in 2.5 mL of diluent
  38. Agents that increase volume or hydration of airway secretions are called
  39. Another name for surface active agents is
  40. Lack of pulmonary surfactant in RDS of the newborn results in
    High surface tension
  41. Are natural surfactant preparations
    • Curosurf
    • Survanta
    • Infasurf
  42. Beclomethasone dipropionate HFA
  43. Fluticasone propionate
  44. Mometasone furoate
  45. Budesonide/Formoterol fumarate
  46. Budesonide
  47. Fluticasone propionate/Salmeterol
  48. Mometasone/Formoterol
  49. Drug that exhibits its pharmacogic activity once it is converted inside the body to its active form
  50. Advair can be found in the following dosages
    • 100/50
    • 250/50
    • 500/50
  51. Xopenex is available in the following dosages
    • 0.63mg/3mL
    • 1.25mg/3mL
  52. Brovana needs to be kept refrigerated
  53. Atrovent is available in
    • Aerosol form
    • Nasal spray
  54. Dosage for Curosur (Poractant alfa) is
  55. Surfactants can be given SVN
  56. You should always give a mucolytic with a SABA
  57. Dose for Brovana is
    15mcg/2mL BID
  58. One cc is equivalent to how many mL
  59. How much 20% acetcysteine solution would you use to prepare 5mL of 6% solution
  60. A dosage schedule for pediatric use of albuterol (o.5%) is 0.03 mL/kg. You have a 22lb 12 month old patient in the emergency department. How many mL of solution will you need
  61. A physician orders 3mL of an 8% drug solution. You have only 10% solution available. How many mL of 10% solution do you need to make the new 8% solution
  62. A physician orders 12mg of medication be delivered to your patient. If 30mL of the solution contains 20mg of active drug, how many mL will you need to administer
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