Where Living Things are Found

  1. A forest of trees that form seeds in cones is a
    coniferous forest
  2. Oceans and seas contain __
    salt water
  3. A _ is an area that gets very little rainfall.

    • An area in which the main plants are trees is called
    • forest
  4. A forest growing in a hot, rainy place is a _.
    tropical rain forest
  5. A pond is an __ of living and nonliving things that affect one another.

    • All the frogs living in a pond make up a_.
    • population
  6. Lakes, rivers, ponds, and streams contain _.
    fresh water
  7. Everything around a plant or an animal is its
  8. The edge of a pond is a good _ for cattails
  9. All the populations in an ecosystem form a _.
  10. A forest of tall trees growing where there is a lot of rain and the weather is not very cold or hot is a _.
    coastal forest
  11. A forest of trees that lose and regrow their leaves each year is a_.
    deciduous forest
  12. Which is Earth's largest ecosystem?
  13. More types of living things live in ___ than anywhere else on Earth.
    tropical rain forests
  14. Which is the middle level of a tropical rain forest?
  15. Which of the following would probably NOT be found in a deciduous forest? moss, cactus, shrubs, ferns?
  16. Rivers and ___ have moving fresh water
  17. How are ecosystems able to survive after fires?
    Seeds that survive underground become new plants.
  18. Image Upload 1
    • A: habitat
    • B: population
    • C: community
  19. How can damage to an ecosystem harm animals that live there?
    It can damage or destroy their habitat, shelter and food.
  20. Why are conifers shaped like triangles, while trees in tropical rain forests are not?
    It helps the snow fall off and allows it to receive the most sun.
  21. Why would it be unusual to find a cactus growing in a coastal forest?
    The cactus usually grows in a desert.
  22. ____ have the tallest average heightImage Upload 2
    tropical rain forests
  23. ____ have an average height of 23 meters.
    Image Upload 3
    Coniferous Forests
  24. Deciduous forests receive an average of __ centimeters of precipitation each year.
    Image Upload 4
    110 centimeters
  25. _____ receive more precipitation than the other two forest types added together. Image Upload 5
    Tropical Rain Forest
  26. Spiny leaves of a cactus do what?
    protect it
  27. Thick stem of a cactus does what?
    Stores water
  28. What do the long, shallow roots of a cactus do?
    Gets water.
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Where Living Things are Found
Where Living Things are Found