1. Define specific deterence
    Trying to deter a specific person from a specific action
  2. Jail vs. Prison
    • Jail - short term holding
    • Prison - long term holding
  3. Rehabilitation
    • -Cheaper than lock up
    • -Focus on failure makes this unpopular
  4. General Deterrence
    Tries to encourage all of society against an action by educating them or fining them for the behavior
  5. Missing Goal
    -Revolves around who?
    -What does it do?
    -CVC Act
    • -Revolves around victim
    • -Restitution: Paying money for needs, wages etc. The Crime Victims Compensation Act is essentially an insurance policy where the criminals pay the premium. This fund is set aside for victims whose violators have no money to pay (they must request the funds).
  6. What is a misdemeanor crime?
    • -Shop lifting
    • -Minor assault
    • You go to jail for up to 90 days
  7. What is a Gross Misdemeanor crime?
    • Petty theft, DUI etc.
    • Not quite felony crimes - up to a year in jail
  8. Sentence for a felony crime?
    Multiple years in prison
  9. Define a 'bad act.'
    Stealing, assaulting, etc. Something you shouldn't do
  10. Explain a Bad Mental State
    • Determined by words/actions before a crime
    • Without this, you have an accident (i.e. hitting someone in your sleep!)
  11. Three kinds of Mental Stress
    • -Intentional: most serious, first-degree (you intend the act)
    • -Reckless: where you disregard a known substantial danger (i.e. driving past traffic on the shoulder)
    • -Negligent: unaware of a substantial danger (someone loads your pistol and then you fire it unknowingly)
  12. Another word for Burden of Proof
    Absolute certainty
  13. Two parties to a crime:
    • -Principle: taking active part in a crime
    • -Accomplice: aid in a crime's commission
  14. Ancillary Crimes
    -What are they
    -Three forms
    • These punish dumb criminals...punishes intent (determined by words/actions) - piggy backed onto other crimes
    • 1) Attempted... (intent to commit a crime - you take a substantial step towards its commission)
    • 2) Conspiracy to... (intent to commit a crime - you agree to engage in a crime with others one of whom takes a substantial step)
    • 3) Solicitation to... (Induce another to commit a crime)
  15. Homicide
    -Three types
    • When one human kills another
    • -Justifiable (legal, carrying out punishment)
    • -Excusable (surgeon's mishap, someone runs out in front of your car, insanity)
    • -Criminal (Murder 1, 2, Felony Murder, Manslaughter 1, 2)
  16. 5 types of criminal homicide
    • Murder 1 (premeditated intent to kill or cause death)
    • Murder 2 (intent to kill or cause death)
    • Felony Murder (in the course of a felony or in the flight therefore, you or a participant cause death)
    • Manslaughter 1 (recklessly cause death)
    • Manslaughter 2 (negligently cause death)
  17. Define assault crimes
    Attempt with unlawful force to inflict bodily injury
  18. Define robbery crimes
    Taking personal property from a person OR presence through force OR threat of force
  19. Define burglary crimes
    Entering or remaining in a building with the intent to commit a crime therein
  20. Methods used for Death Penalty
    Electrocution, Gas chambers, Firing Squad, Hanging, Legal Injection, Guillotine
  21. What crimes in WA state get you the death penalty?
    • Aggravated 1st Degree Murder
    • -Kill multiple people
    • -Kill to cover a crime
    • -Kill a police officer
    • -Kill for money
  22. Death Penalty: Notice
    You must be informed others are seeking the death penalty against you
  23. Death Penalty: Pretrial Procedures
    Much more time spent preparing case, the judge
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