First Horror - ch2

  1. Srdce ji pokleslo v hrudi
    Her heart pounded in her chest
  2. Moje nohy byly po zápase jako z gumy
    My legs felt all rubbery (= weak) after the race.
  3. to repeat or sing a word or phrase continuously:
    The crowd were the team's name.
  4. to lift something heavy, sometimes using ropes or a machine:
    A helicopter ... the final section of the bridge into place.
    With some difficulty he ... her onto his shoulders.
  5. Soustředila se na knihu a jeho hlas ji polekal
    She was concentrating on her book and his voice startled her.
  6. Přenechala celý svůj majetek neteři.
    She left her entire estate to her niece.
  7. to lose strength, determination, or purpose, especially temporarily: (kolísat)
    I'm afraid my concentration began to... as lunch approached.
    He has never ...ed in his support for the leader.
  8. If you waver between two possibilities, you cannot decide which of them to choose or you keep choosing one way and then the other: (rozmýšlet se)
    "What are you going to have?" "Er, I'm ... between the soup and the mushroom quiche."
  9. šlachovitý muž
    a wiry man
  10. Jeho vlasy byly bílé a ostříhané velmi nakrátko, skoro jako štětiny od koštěte
    His hair was white and cut very short, almost like brush bristles
  11. těsný límeček
    a stiff collar
  12. When a car or someone driving a car ...s up, the driver stops the car, often for a short time:
    A car ... outside my house.
    pulled up (zastavit, zajet, zabrzdit)
  13. Moje opálení už bledne
    My suntan is already fading.
  14. Vypadáš mrzutě. Co se děje?
    You look glum. What's up?
  15. farewell/s
    rozloučení, dát sbohem (say ...)
  16. quick, energetic, and active:
    a ... walk
    He set a...pace and we struggled to keep up.
    Her tone on the phone was ...(= she spoke quickly and used few words) and businesslike.
  17. the noise of metal hitting metal:
    the ... of sleigh bells
    a loud ... noise
  18. slightly wet, especially in a way that is not pleasant or comfortable:
    The grass is still ...
    This shirt still feels a bit ...
    It was a ..., misty morning.
  19. If wood ...s, or if water or heat ...s it, it becomes damaged by bending or twisting:
    After being left in the damp garage, the wooden frame had ....
    The heat had ... the boards.
  20. extremely or unpleasantly dirty:
    Look at this tablecloth - it's ...!
    I've never smoked - it's a...habit.
    That girl just gave me a ... look (= looked at me in a very unpleasant, disapproving way).
    He was in a ... (= a very bad) temper/mood.
  21. Dej svoje špinavé ruce pryč od mého krásně čistého prádla!
    Take your filthy hands off my nice clean washing!
  22. Od studentů se očekává, že ve třídě budou tišší a poslušní
    Students are expected to be quiet and obedient in the classroom.
  23. Stromy se kývaly ve větru
    The trees were swaying in the wind.
  24. Opilec stál uprostřed ulice, nejistě se kymáceje a pokoušeje se velice stát rovně
    A drunk was standing in the middle of the street, swaying uncertainly and trying hard to stay upright.
  25. The lamp gave out a dim light.
    Lampa vydávala matné světlo
  26. to shine with a light that is sometimes bright and sometimes weak:
    I felt a cold draft and the candle started to ...
  27. to appear for a short time or to make a sudden movement:
    A smile .... across her face.
    He'd been in a coma for weeks, when all of a sudden he... an eyelid.
  28. to have a feeling as if a lot of sharp points are being put quickly and lightly into your body:
    My fingers and toes are with the cold.
    There's a line in that poem that makes my spine ... every time I read it.
  29. When you ... with an emotion, such as excitement or fear, you feel it very strongly:
    She ... with fear as she entered the dark alleyway.
  30. to have or cause an uncomfortable feeling on the skin that makes you want to rub it with your nails:
    I can't wear wool - it makes me ...
  31. Pavučiny visely z trámů...
    Cobwebs hung down from the beams...
  32. zaprášená pec
    a dust-cover furnace /ˈfɜː.nɪs/
  33. to stand somewhere, especially near another person, eagerly or nervously waiting for their attention:
    A waiter ...ed at the table, ready to take our order.
    I could sense him behind me, and building up the courage to ask me a question
  34. to put the cursor on a computer screen in a particularplace without clicking on it:
    The link changes to green when the mouse ...s over it.
    If you ... the mouse pointer over the entry, the full web address will be displayed.
  35. a small opening that allows air, smoke, or gas to enter or leave a closed space:
    If you have a gas fire in a room, you should have some kind of outside ...
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