1. ����1. As I had plenty of money I was able to help her
  2. ����2. He is an able man
  3. ����3. I dropped my key somewhere about here
  4. ����4. Tell me all about it
  5. ����5. He was about to start
  6. ����6. It is about six o'clock now
  7. ����7. The children are rushing about
  8. ����8. My bedroom is just above
  9. ����9. The sun rose above the horizon
  10. ����10. This book is above me
  11. ����11. His conduct has always been above suspicion
  12. ����12. The police are not allowed to accept rewards
  13. ����13. They accepted responsibility for the accident
  14. ����14. It is generally accepted that smoking is harmful to ourhealth
  15. ����15. According to our records, the books you have borrowed shouldnow be returned to the library
  16. ����16. According to these figures, our company is doing well
  17. ����17. I have an account with Midland Bank
  18. ����18. His illness accounts for his absence
  19. ����19. A man is accounted innocent until he is proven guilty
  20. ����20. We own 100 acres of farmland
  21. ����21. Can you swim across the river? ���������ε��ӵĶ԰�����
  22. ����22. The two lines cut across each other
  23. ����23. Parliament has passed an Act forbidding the killing of rareanimals
    ������ͨ����һ���, ��ֹ��ɱ��ϡ���
  24. ����24. Think well before you act
  25. ����25. Actions speak louder than words
  26. ����26. The action lasted three hours
  27. ����27. He added some wood to increase the fire
  28. ����28. If you add 4 to 5, you get 9
  29. ����29. The little girl is not very clever at addition
  30. ����30. In addition to giving a general introduction to computer, thecourse also provides practical experience
  31. ����31. There is a letter addressed to you
  32. ����32. He addressed the audience in an eloquent speech
  33. ����33. You may not like him, but you have got to admire hispersistence
  34. ����34. I must admit, it's more difficult than I thought it would be
  35. ����35. He was admitted to the hospital suffering from burns
  36. ����36. The date of the meeting has been advanced from Friday toMonday
  37. ����37. There have been great advances in medicine in the last tenyears
  38. ����38. It is a popular show, so advance booking is essential
  39. ����39. Earthenware has an advantage over wood in being more easilykept clean
  40. ����40. Her rich experience gave her an advantage over otherapplicants for the job
  41. ����41. I asked the teacher for her advice
  42. ����42. If you take my advice, you won't tell anyone about this
  43. ����43. He gave me some good advice
  44. ����44. The minister is busy with important affairs of state
  45. ����45. Mind your own affairs! �����������£�
  46. ����46. She was afraid that the dog would bite
  47. ����47. Africa is a mysterious land to him
  48. ����48. We shall arrive soon after
  49. ����49. Mr. Smith left for London after breakfast
  50. ����50. I found your coat after you had left the house
  51. ����51. He grew weak in after years
  52. ����52. Good afternoon! ���������ã�
  53. ����53. Please say that again
  54. ����54. We sailed against the wind
  55. ����55. There are 26 votes for him and 8 against him
  56. ����56. We have saved some money against our old age
  57. ����57. What is your age? �������������ͣ�
  58. ����58. The period in which man learnt to make tools of iron is calledthe Iron Age
  59. ����59. I haven't seen you for ages
  60. ����60. Anxiety ages us
  61. ����61. He came here two years ago
  62. ����62. I thought it was a reasonable proposal, but he didn't agree
  63. ����63. We agreed to leave at once
  64. ����64. The witnesses' statements just don't agree with each other
  65. ����65. A dictionary is an invaluable aid in learning a new language
  66. ����66. We were greatly aided in our investigation by the cooperationof the police
  67. ����67. What is your aim in life? ������������Ŀ����ʲô��
  68. ����68. I aimed at the target but hit the wall
  69. ����69. He aims to be a successful writer
  70. ����70. The fresh air in the morning made him feel glad
  71. ����71. I shall travel to New York by air this weekend
  72. ����72. There was an air of excitement at the meeting
  73. ����73. The news of the radiation leak caused widespread public alarm
  74. ����74. I gave the alarm as soon as I saw the smoke
  75. ����75. The two brothers are very much alike
  76. ����76. We are much alike in character
  77. ����77. The city was all alive when he arrived
  78. ����78. Are your grandparents still alive? ���������游ĸ����������
  79. ����79. He spent all his time reading
  80. ����80. All work and no play makes Jack a dull boy
  81. ����81. I've known that all along
  82. ����82. All enjoyed themselves
  83. ����83. You are not allowed to smoke here
  84. ����84. She said almost nothing
  85. ����85. I was alone in the classroom
  86. ����86. You can't live on bread alone
  87. ����87. We walked along the road
  88. ����88. We bicycled along, singing loudly
  89. ����89. You had already gone when I arrived there
  90. ����90. I've been there already and don't want to go again
  91. ����91. Tom has been to Japan, I have also been there
  92. ����92. Although my uncle is old, he looks very strong and healthy
  93. ����93. I'm always at home in the evenings
  94. ����94. We should always help each other
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