Soc. St. Chap. 11&12 - 2

  1. Law passed in 1833 that allowed the president to use the US military to enforce acts of Congress
    Force Bill
  2. To break away or leave
  3. A Mexican who claims Texas as his home
  4. A candidate for national office who has support mostly from his home state
    "favorite son"
  5. The charge made by Jacksonians in 1825 that Henry Clay had supported John Quincy Adams in the House presidential vote in return for the office of Secretary of State
    "The Corrupt Bargain"
  6. - William H. Crawford, Andrew Jackson, John Quincy Adams, and Henry Clay were up for election (all from the same party)
    - Jackson won the most electoral votes, but not the majority
    - election went to the House of Reps; John Quincy Adams was elected president
    Election of 1824
  7. Son of president John Adams; won the election of 1824
    John Quincy Adams
  8. Delegates from the state selecting the party's presidential candidate
    Nominating conventions
  9. Attempt to ruin an opponent's reputation with insults
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