Soc. St. Chap. 11&12 - 1

  1. This 1830 act called for the government to negotiate treaties that would require Native Americans to relocate West
    Indian Removal Act
  2. Forced removal of the Cherokee from their homeland to Indian Territory
    Trail of Tears
  3. Cherokee Nation sues Georgia, arguing that they have assimilated to white culture, and could therefore not be forced to remove. The Court ruled the Cherokees were an independent nation over which the laws of Georgia could "have no force" and that the federal government should protect the Cherokee lands from Georgia
    Worcester v. Georgia (1832)
  4. A 5-year financial crisis that resulted from soaring interest rates and lack of sound money following Jackson's Bank War. Van Buren was president.
    Panic of 1837
  5. Political party in the U.S. during the first half of the 19th century, formally established in 1836.  This party was anti-Jackson and
    represented a variety of regional interests.
    The Whig Party
  6. Large area of land that lay between the Pacific Ocean and the Rocky Mountains north of California
    Oregon country
  7. area in Utah settled by Mormons in the mid 1840s
  8. A trail that went from Missouri to Oregon and California. The trail was used during the Westward Expansion to make it easier for settlers to get across the US
    Oregon-California Trail
  9. The 19th century belief that the U.S. would inevitably expand westward to the Pacific Ocean
    Manifest Destiny
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