Unit 2 and prefixes d-h

  1. posture
    postion of the body
  2. Center of Gravity
    point where the body's mass is equally distributed
  3. Base of Support
    foundation of the body
  4. Joint
    point where two bones meet
  5. aerobic exercise
    repetitive motion; good for cardio health
  6. ambulation
    ability to walk
  7. active range of motion
    person can do it on their own
  8. range of motion
    maximum movement allowed for a joint
  9. passive range of motion
    someone moves the client's body for them
  10. synovial joint
    joint with synovial fluid in between the surfaces of the two bones
  11. ligament
    strong tissue that connects bones, cartilage, and other structures
  12. osteoporosis
    loss of bone mass
  13. osteoarthritis
    progressive cartilage deterioration in joints and vertebrae
  14. spastic
    spasms or convulsions
  15. flaccid
    relaxed or absent muscular tone
  16. atrophy
    decrease in the size of an organ or tissue
  17. contracture
    contraction of a muscle
  18. ankylosis
    immobility of a joint
  19. hypertrophy
    increase in the size of an organ or structure
  20. Valsalva's Maneuver
    close mouth, pinch nose, and breath out; changes heart rhythm and clears ears
  21. thrombophlebitis
    inflammation of a vein due to thombosis
  22. thrombus
    blood clot formed within a blood vessel
  23. embolus
    mass of undisolved matter in blood or lymph systems
  24. atelectasis
    collapsed lung
  25. anorexia
    loss of appetite
  26. urinary incontinence
    inability to control voiding of the bladder
  27. renal calculi
    kidney stones
  28. urinary reflux
    backward flow of urine
  29. turgor
    normal tension in a cell
  30. scoliosis
    curving of the spine
  31. orthopneic
    sitting upright in a chair
  32. dorsal recumbent postion/supine
    on back, knees bent and angled outwards
  33. prone position
    face down
  34. flexion
    act of bending
  35. extension
    act of straightening out
  36. hyperextension
    extreme extension
  37. abduction
    moving away from the body
  38. adduction
    moving towards the body
  39. plantar flexion
    extension of foot; toes pointed down
  40. dorsiflexion
    bent in the opposite direction of normal use
  41. eversion
    turning outward
  42. inversion
    turning inwards
  43. isotonic exercise
    force remains constant but muscle length changes
  44. isometric exercises
    contraction and relaxation of a muscle group
  45. decubitus ulcers
    bed sores
  46. shearing force
    force parallel to the planes of an object
  47. maceration
    softening a solid by steeping it in a fluid
  48. incision
    cut made for surgical purposes
  49. contusion
  50. abrasion
  51. puncture
    hole made by sharp pointed object
  52. laceration
    cut or ragged tear
  53. ganulation tissue
    connective tissue formed in early stages of wound healing
  54. eschar
  55. primary intention healing
    little scarring; ie: closed surgical incision
  56. secondary intention healing
    lots of scarring; big tissue loss; ie: bed sore
  57. exudate
    fluid released from body containg protein, cells, or solid debris
  58. serous
    containing blood
  59. serosanguineous
    containg blood and serum
  60. purulent
    containing pus
  61. hematoma
    blood clot
  62. dehiscence
    bursting or gaping open; ie: surgical wound opening
  63. evisceration
    removal of the viscera
  64. debridement
    removal of debris and damaged tissue
  65. Penrose drain
    drain made of small rubber tubing
  66. irrigation
    flushing with water or fluids
  67. asphyxiation
  68. bioterrorism
    biological warfare against the public
  69. seizure precautions
    pad side rails, have suction and oxygen ready and available
  70. bed cradle
    keeps sheet from touch client
  71. flat bed position
    completely horizontal
  72. Trendelenburg
    feet raised, head lowered
  73. reverse Trendelenburg
    head raised, feet lowered
  74. Fowlers
    semisitting with knees bent or horizontal; 45 degree angle for back
  75. Semi-Fowlers
    30 degree angle for back
  76. de
  77. dis
  78. demi
  79. semi
  80. semi
  81. en
    into, within
  82. endo
  83. equi
  84. erythro
  85. ex
    out of, away from
  86. exo
    out of, away from
  87. extra
    outside of, in addition to
  88. ferro
  89. fibro
  90. fore
    before, in front of
  91. glyco
  92. hemo
  93. histo
  94. homo
  95. hydro
  96. hyper
  97. hypo
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