First Horros - ch1

  1. to interrupt or speak in a conversation, usually to agree with what has been said:
    "It's very difficult," I said. "Impossible," she ....
    Andy...with his view of the situation.
    chimed in
  2. V tom domě se nežilo roky
    The house hasn´t been lived in for years
  3. having a loud and high sound that is unpleasant or painful to listen to:
    She had a ... high-pitched voice.
  4. to push someone or something forcefully:
    She was jostled and ...d by an angry crowd as she left the court.
    Just wait your turn - there's no need to ...
    Reporters pushed and ...d as they tried to get close to the princess.
    shove /ʃʌv/
  5. mrzutý starý muž
    a grumpy old man
  6. one of a pair of twins (= two children born to the same mother on the same occasion) who do not look exactly the same because they developed from two separate eggs
    fraternal/ non-identical twins
  7. Řidiče jsem zahlédla pouze letmo
    • I only caught (= had) a fleeting glimpse of the driver
    • (orchavý záblesk, mihnutí...)
  8. to tell a joke:
    I ... a few jokes to try to cheer everyone up.
  9. a humorous use of a word or phrase that has several meanings or that sounds like another word:
    She made a couple of dreadful ...s.
    This is a well-known joke based on a pun: "What's black and white and red (= read)all over?" "A newspaper."
    pun (slovní hříčka)
  10. štěrková stezka
    a gravel path
  11. Tyhle prášky by měli ulevit od bolesti
    These pills should ease the pain.
  12. to make or become less severe, difficult, unpleasant, painful, etc.:
    To ... the problem of overcrowding, new prisons will be built.
  13. a limit on something that is not wanted:
    You must try to put a ... on your bad temper/spending habits.
    (také obrubník)
  14. the window at the front of a car
  15. to arrange objects into a pile:
    We ...d plenty of logs up next to the fire.
    Please ... your homework books neatly on the table as you leave.
    Her plate was ...d (high) with salad.
    Snow had ...d up against the walls.
  16. Trávil hodiny zíráním z okna, když by měl pracovat
    He spends hours gazing out of the window when he should be working.
  17. větrem ošlehaný/drsný/sukovitý kmen stromu
    a gnarled tree trunk
  18. chomáč(trs) trávy/ narcisů
    a clump of grass/daffodils
  19. to spread across an area or place untidily:
    The park was ...ed with bottles and cans after the concert.
  20. If it continues to bleed, you may have to apply a tourniquet to the limb.
    Jestli to bude dál krvácet,buděš muset na tu končetinu použít škrtidlo
  21. oblázková pláž
    a shingle beach
  22. a long, thin mark that is easily noticed because it is very different from the area surrounding it:
    The window cleaner left dirty ...s on the windows.
    I dye my hair to hide my grey ...s.
    Meteors produce ...s of light as they burn up in the earth's atmosphere.
    streak /striːk/
  23. Something such as skin or a building material has been changed or damaged by the weather:
    a ... face (= a face which is brown and has many deep lines)
    ancient, ... columns
  24. Okenice se loupaly
    The window shutters were peeling
  25. okap na straně domu byl ohnutý
    The gutter at the side of the house was bent
  26. vybledlé záclony/tapety
    • faded curtains/wallpaper
    • /ˈfeɪ.dɪd/
  27. Sloup nesoucí střechu malé verandy se nakláněl v divném úhlu a vypadal že se každou chvíli skácí/svalí
    the pillar supporting the roof of the small porch tilted at un awkward angle and appeared about to topple
  28. a covered structure in front of the entrance to a building​us a veranda:
    We sat out on the ... to cool off.
  29. to (cause to) move into a sloping position:
    He ...ed his chair backwards and put his feet up on his desk.
    Anna looked up at him with her head ...ed to one side.
    The front seats of the car ...
    tilt  /tɪlt/
  30. to (cause to) lose balance and fall down:
    The statue of the dictator was ... (over) by the crowds.
    The tree ... and fell.
  31. thin and delicate, often in a way that is attractive:
    He put his hands around her ... waist.
    The plant's leaves are long and ...
  32. small in amount or degree:
    a man of ... means (= without much money)
  33. cítila, jak ji po zádech přeběhlo mrazení
    She felt a cold shiver run down her back
  34. an area of trees and bushes growing closely together
  35. Hodil si tašku na ramena
    He heaved the bag onto his shoulder
  36. showing signs of suffering or severe anxiety:
    He had a ... look about him.
  37. to make a long, high cry, usually because of pain or sadness:
    The women gathered around the coffin and began to ..., as was the custom in the region.
    ghostlike ...
  38. a long box in which the body of a dead person is buried or burned
    coffin /ˈkɒf.ɪn/
  39. to improve or increase something:
    The theatre managed to ... its audiences by cutting ticket prices

    I tried to ... his ego (= make him feel more confident) by praising his cooking.
    Passing my driving test was such a ... to my confidence.
    ...always trying to boost her spirits...
  40. závěsný vozík zaháknutý za autem
    a trailer hitched behind the car
  41. Během nepokojů, sochy byly svrženy z piedestalů
    In the riot, the statues were toppled from their pedestals
  42. old-fashioned informal a very funny or entertaining occasion or person:
    "How was the party?" "It was great - we had a ..."
    I met Mike's brother for the first time - he's a ...
    riot /ˈraɪ.ət/
  43. to fall very quickly and suddenly:
    House prices have ...ed in recent months.
    Several large rocks were sent down the mountain.
    She ...ed to the ground.
  44. to (cause something to) break suddenly into very small pieces:
    The glass ...ed into a thousand tiny pieces.His leg was ...ed in the accident.
  45. Ta kniha roztříštila všechny její iluze o římanech
    The book shattered all her illusions about the Romans.
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