First horror I. - prologue

  1. Volnou rukou se chytil zabrádlí
    He grabbed the banister with his free hand
  2. Chlapec spadl na zem s "temným žuchnutím"
    The boy fell to the ground with a thud.
  3. Pohled na takové množství krve jím otřásl
    The sight of so much blood made him shudder.
  4. to break something so that it does not separate, but very thin lines appear on its surface, or to become broken in this way:
    A stone hit the window and ...ed the glass.
    I ...ed my tooth as I fell.
    The walls ...ed and the roof collapsed in the earthquake.
  5. Kde jsou ty trhliny které máme utěsnit?
    Where are these cracks we are supposed to caulk?
  6. kopat základy
    dig the foundation
  7. to fix the problems in a relationship:
    The couple are working on ... up their differences.
    patching, patch up
  8. to travel very fast in a vehicle:
    He was ... along on his motorbike
  9. Protibombový kryt má tři metry tlusté betonové zdi
    The bomb shelter has concrete walls that are three metres thick.
  10. Kufr od auta byl vypáčen a všechno její náčiní/vybavení zmizelo
    The car trunk had been pried open and all her equipment was gone.
  11. the flat part on a knife or similar tool or weapon, with a very thin edge used for cutting:
    a sword with a steel ...
    a packet of razor ...s
  12. If a part of your body ...s, you feel pain in it in a series of regularbeats:
    His head ...bed, and his body ached.
    The pain in his leg was becoming unbearable.
  13. Krev kanula z kousku jeho úst
    Blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth.
  14. Sklonil se aby si prohlédl ránu
    He leaned down to examine the wound
  15. Byla několikrát bodnuta do hrudi
    She was stabbed several times in the chest.
  16. to throw something carelessly:
    He glanced at the letter and then ...ed it into the bin.
    The bull ...ed him up into the air.
  17. to say something or to make a sound with your voice:
    She sat through the whole meeting without ... a word.
  18. to move quickly, with small, short steps, especially in order to escape:
    A crab ... away under a rock as we passed.
    The children ... off as soon as the headteacher appeared.
  19. Pes škrábe na dveře - chce pustit dovnitř
    The dog's scratching at the door - he wants to be let in.
  20. He exclaimed as the first long-snouted rat poked its head out of the crack
    Vykřikl, když první krysa s dlouhým čenichem vystrčila hlavu z trhliny.
  21. to look in great surprise at someone or something, especially with an open mouth:
    They stood the pig in the kitchen.
  22. Obrovský červ se kroutil v čerstvé vykopané zemině
    A large worm wriggled in the freshly dug earth.
  23. to (cause to) move quickly with a twisting, circular movement:
    ... a little oil around the frying pan.
    The fog ...ed thickly around us.
  24. to spread over a large area, or (especially of things made of cloth) to become filled with air and appear to be larger:
    Smoke ...ed (out) from the burning building.
    The sheets/shirts hanging on the line ...ed in the breeze.
    We watched the boats with their sails.
  25. to spread the arms and legs out carelessly and untidily while sitting or lying down:
    I knocked into her in the corridor and sent her (= knocked her over).
  26. Ječela na něj ze všech sil
    She was screeching at him at the top of her voice.
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First horror I. - prologue