207- Eating disorders

  1. what is disordered eating?
    • General term for abnormal or atypical eating behaviours
    • Associated with efforts to control weight
  2. what are the general warning signs of an eating disorder?
    • Severe self criticism
    • Depressed mood
    • Belief that only worthwhile when thin
    • Preoccupation with weight, shape and dieting
  3. what are the stats of female university students with eating disorders?
    • 4% struggle with Anorexia Nervosa (AN)
    • 4% struggle from Bulimia Nervosa (BM)
    • 61% have some kind of subclinical eating problem, including chronic dieting, binge/purging and subclinical bulimia
  4. what are the stats of male university students with eating disorders?
    10-20% suffer from disordered eating + 2% have clinical Bulimia Nervosa (BN)
  5. what is the death rate for eating disorders among university?
    approx 20%
  6. what is Anorexia Nervosa?
    • Distorted body image
    • Excessive dieting that leads to severe weight loss
    • A pathological fear of getting fat, despite being underweight
    • Intense fear of becoming obese by losing control over eating
  7. what are the warning signs of AN?
    • Unusual eating behaviours : measuring food, excessive consumption of water and gum, eating small dishes
    • Sense of powerless
    • High expectations of self and others
    • Obsessive compulsive personality traits
    • "Black or White" thinking
    • Social Withdrawal
    • Results in PEM
  8. what are the AN warning signs?
    • sudden and drastic weight loss (not due to surgery or illness)
    • Irregular or absent periods
    • development of narrow food preferences
    • Abnormal rituals during meals
    • Refusal to eat in front of others
    • Always feeling cold even in arm weather
    • Wearing baggy clothes to hide body
    • Overdoing exercise
  9. what is the age of onset of AN?
    mid teens : 10-20
  10. what is bulimia nervosa (BN)?
    • Frequent episodes of binge eating  followed by self induced vomiting to avoid weight gain
    • Over concern with body shape and weight (may be normal weight)
    • Regular:
    • Self induced voting
    • Laxative or diuretic use
    • Strict dieting or fasting
    • Vigorous exercise
  11. Cycle
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  13. what are the BN warning signs?
    • Binge eating: usually does in secret
    • Evidence in missing food or empty containers
    • Signs of vomiting in bathroom
    • Excusing to leave after meal
    • Evidence of excessive laxative or diuretic use
    • Chipmunk cheeks: repeated swelling causes glands around the jaw to swell
    • Fluctuation in weight
    • Excessive exercise
    • Burst blood vessels in eyes
  14. what is a binge eating disorder?
    recurring episodes of eating significantly more food in a short period of time than most people would eat under similar circumstances
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