New Zealand quake

  1. waste matter such as water or human urine or solid waste:
    Some cities in the world do not have proper facilities for the disposal of ...
    Raw/untreated ... is being pumped into the sea, from where it pollutes ourbeaches.​
    the system of carrying away waste water and human waste from houses and other buildings through large underground pipes or passages
    sewage /ˈsuː.ɪdʒ/
  2. to make a determined decision or promise to do something:
    but businesses in quake-hit Kaikoura are ... to struggle on.
  3. Město bylo odříznuto od zbytku jižního ostrova Nového Zélandu když zemětřesení o magnitudě 7.8 zničilo 14. listopadu cesty a železnice
    The town was cut off from the rest of New Zealand's South Island when a magnitude 7.8 earthquake destroyed its roads and railway on 14 November.
  4. to make something into small pieces or a powder by pressing between hard surfaces:
    to ... coffee
    Shall I ... a little black pepper over your salad?
    They ... the grain into flour (= make flour by crushing grain) between two largestones.
  5. to (cause to) stop moving or doing something or happening:
    Nearly two weeks later there is still no easy way in or out of the town and its biggest industries - fishing, agriculture and tourism - have ground to an agonising ..., just as it was preparing for peak visitor season.
  6. Město které spoléhá na turismus, farmaření a rybaření nyní bojuje aby našlo cestu vpřed
    A town which relies on tourism, farming and fishing is now struggling to find a way forward.
  7. The cut-off tourist town of Kaikoura
    město Kaikoura odříznuté od turistů
  8. Spousta mořských živočichů hnije na břehu
    Much of that sealife is now festering on the shoreline.
  9. Můj foťák to zabalil (přestal fungovat)
    My camera has packed up.
  10. to ask someone to do a particular job:
    We need to ... an expert to deal with this problem.
    bring in
  11. Pokud kanalizační cisterny nebudou plnit svou funkci, může odpad vytékat do moře
    If sewage tanks cannot be brought in, it may have to be discharged into the sea.
  12. the period that follows an unpleasant event or accident, and the effects that it causes:
    Many more people died in the ... of the explosion.
  13. langusta
  14. to save goods from damage or destruction, especially from a ship that has sunk or been damaged or a building that has been damaged by fire or a flood:
    After the fire, there wasn't much furniture left worth ...
  15. to judge or decide the amount, value, quality, or importance of something:
    The insurers will need to ... the flood damage.
    They ...ed the cost of the flood damage at £2,500.
    Exams are not the only means of a student's ability.
    assess  /əˈses/
  16. Jediný bussiness který se zcela nezastavil (neuzemnil), jsou bary.
    The only businesses which have not ground to a complete halt , are the bars.
  17. extremely brave and showing no fear of dangerous situations:
    a team of... explorers
    intrepid  /ɪnˈtrep.ɪd/
  18. Je příliš brzy na to říct, kdy se věci vrátí k normálu
    It's too early to tell when things might return to normal
  19. to attract attention or interest:
    He's an excellent speaker who always ...s a crowd.
    Could I ... your attention to item number three on the agenda?
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