1. Připustil, že spáchál několik trestných činů, včetně zpronevěry
    He has admitted committing several crimes, including fraud.
  2. a person in a law case who is accused of having done something illegal
    defendant /dɪˈfen.dənt/
  3. someone who makes a legal complaint against someone else in court
    plaintiff /ˈpleɪn.tɪf/
  4. Podezřelý je obviněn z řady trestných činů, od krádeže po vraždu
    The defendant is accused of/charged with a range of crimes, from theft to murder.
  5. Na místě činu byl nalezen nůž
    A knife was found at the scene of the crime
  6. Bombardování civilistů je zločinem proti lidskosti.
    Bombing civilians is a crime against humanity
  7. Byl by zločin trávit tak krásný den vevnitř
    It would be a crime to spend such a beautiful day indoors.
  8. Něco se musí udělat pro snížení zločinnosti v té oblasti
    Something must be done to reduce the level of crime in the area.
  9. porota musí rozhodnout zdali je osoba činem vinna nebo nevinna
    The jury has to decide whether a person is guilty or innocent of a crime.
  10. V této zemi je půlka násilných činů páchána lidmi pod vlivem alkoholu (pijícími alkohol)
    In this country, half of all violent crime is perpetrated by people who have been drinking alcohol.
  11. said to emphasize that you believe criminals are always punished for their crimes
    crime doesn't pay
  12. Jsou souzení za spáchání zvěrstva proti civilnímu obyvatelstvu
    They are on trial for committing atrocities against the civilian population
  13. Vězni se stěžují že jsou vystavování příliš mnoha malicherným pravidlům a omezením
    Prisoners complain that they are subjected to too many petty rules and restrictions.
  14. to defeat people or a country and then control them against theirwishes and limit their freedom:
    The invaders quickly ... the local tribes.
  15. Nebuď tak malicharná!
    Don't be so petty!
  16. an action that is slightly bad or breaks a rule but is not a crime:
    sexual/youthful ...s
    Every week, as children, we were beaten for some minor ...
    misdemeanour /ˌmɪs.dɪˈmiː.nər/
  17. to take goods illegally from a store without paying for them
  18. To bylo poprvé co byl usvědčen z dopravního přestupku
    It was the first time he'd been convicted of a motoring offence.
  19. the crime of intentionally starting a fire in order to damage or destroysomething, especially a building:
    A cinema was burned out in north London last night. Police suspect ...
  20. Všichni si mysleli že ten čin spáchal ale chyběly dostatečné důkazy, které by ho usvědčily
    It was thought that he'd committed the crime but there wasn't sufficient evidence to convict him.
  21. (an example of) serious crime that can be punished by one or more years in prison:
    a ... charge
    He was convicted of a ...
    felony /ˈfel.ə.ni/
  22. Italský soud ho usvědčil v jeho nepřítomnosti za teroristické aktivity
    An Italian court convicted him in absentia for his terrorist activities.
  23. driving faster than is allowed in a particular area:
    She was fined for ... last month.
  24. to walk across a street at a place where it is not allowed or without taking care to avoid the traffic
    We nearly ran over a couple of ...ers who walked out in front of the car
  25. to steal things out of people's pockets or bags, especially in a crowd:
    Someone ...ed my wallet.
    He was ...ed at the carnival.
  26. the act of getting money from people or forcing them to do something by threatening to tell a secret of theirs or to harm them:
    If you are in a position of authority, any weakness leaves you open to ...
  27. the crime of giving someone money or something else of value, often illegally, to persuade that person to do something you want
    bribery /ˈbrɑɪ·bə·ri/
  28. To je prostě citové vydírání aby se matky cítily vinny, že chotí do práce
    This is just emotional blackmail to make mothers feel guilty for going to work.
  29. Během války kupovali jídlo na černém trhu
    During the war, they bought food on the black market.
  30. illegally sticking a political or other poster (= notice) on a public wall, fence, etc.
  31. Kniha obsahuje četné plagiátorské pasáže
    The book contains numerous plagiarized passages.
  32. Když porovnáš ty dvě knihy stránku po stránce, je jasné že autor té druhé kopíroval tu první
    If you compare the two books side by side, it is clear that the author of the second has plagiarized (from the first).
  33. to steal or remove something precious from something, in a way that does not consider moral laws or is more severe than it need be:
    Someone has funds from the company.
    The future of our planet is in danger if we continue to ... its resources as we do.
  34. Poté co prezident uprchl ze země, palác byl vypleněn vojáky
    After the president fled the country, the palace was plundered by soldiers.
  35. Potřebujeme zastavit plenění pralesů
    We need to put a stop to the plunder of the rain forest.
  36. the activity of stealing from shops during a violent event:
    There were reports of widespread ... as hooligans stampeded through the citycentre.
  37. to go away suddenly and secretly in order to escape from somewhere:
    Two prisoners a...ed last night.
    She a...ed from boarding school with her boyfriend.
  38. stealing, especially (in the US) the crime of taking something that does not belong to you, without illegally entering a building to do so
  39. to get money dishonestly from someone by deceiving or cheating them:
    They ...ed local businesses out of thousands of dollars.
  40. someone who catches and kills animals illegally
  41. the activity of buying and selling goods or people illegally:
    The government has undertaken a massive drive against drug ...
  42. Spousta lidí v sousedství se stalo obětí loupeže aspoň jednou
    Many people in the neighbourhood have been victims of burglary at least once.
  43. to cheat someone by making them pay too much money for something:
    Bob's tickets cost much less than ours - I think we've been ...
    • ripped off
    • rip sb off
  44. a person who attacks people in order to steal their money
  45. a false spoken statement about someone that damages theirreputation, or the making of such a statement:
    The doctor is suing his partner for....
    She regarded his comment as a ... on her good reputation.
  46. a piece of writing that contains bad and false things about a person:
    She threatened to sue the magazine for ...
  47. Soudila se s novinami o náhradu škody poté co ji nesprávně popsaly jako prostitutku
    She sued the paper for (= in order to get) damages after they wrongly described her as a prostitute.
  48. Vyhrožovala že časopis zažaluje pro urážku na cti
    She threatened to sue the magazine for libel.
  49. Soudí se s manželem kvůli rozvodu
    She is suing her husband for (= in order to get a) divorce.
  50. Byla poslána na pět let do vězení pro zabití
    She was sentenced to five years' imprisonment for manslaughter.
  51. Během té doby ji opakovaně znásilnil
    He had raped her repeatedly during this period.
  52. Dva muži unesli tryskové letadlo směřující do paříže a žádali $125,000.
    Two men hijacked a jet travelling to Paris and demanded $125,000.
  53. Téměř nikdo ve městě neunikl krveprolití, když rebelové byli poražení
    Hardly anyone in the town escaped the slaughter when the rebels were defeated
  54. an occasion when one team is very easily defeated by the other:
    Saturday's game was an absolute ...
  55. the use of an electronic device that is fastened to a person who has committed a crime, so that the police know where that person is
    electronic tagging
  56. Zakázali mu řídit na šest měsíců
    He's been banned from driving for six months.
  57. Měli by zakázat mluvit nahlas v kinech
    There should be a ban on talking loudly in cinemas.
  58. a person who is kept in a prison or a hospital for people who are mentally ill (chovanec)
  59. Ženy dělají okolo 6% všech chovanců v USA
    Women make up about 6 percent of all inmates in the U.S
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