Ch. 40 Latin Vocab

  1. aes, aeris (gender?)
    bronze (n)
  2. domina, dominae (gender?)
    mistress, lady (f)
  3. mēta, mētae (gender?)
    turning point, goal; limit, boundary (f)
  4. nāsus, nāsī (gender?)
    nose (m)
  5. vultus, vultūs (gender?)
    countenance, face (m)
  6. tot
    so many, as many; tot...quot - as
  7. nōnne
    introduces questions expecting the answer "yes"
  8. omnīnō
    wholly, entirely, altogether; (with negatives) at all
  9. quīn
    indeed, in fact, furthermore
  10. fatīgō, fatīgāre, fatīgāvī, fatīgātum
    to weary, tire out
  11. opīnor, opīnārī, opīnātus sum
    to suppose
  12. vereor, verērī, veritus sum
    to show reverence for, respect; be afraid of, fear
  13. dominus, dominī (gender?)
    master (of a household), lord (m)
  14. lacrima, lacrimae (gender?)
    tear (f)
  15. monumentum, monumentī (gender?)
    monument (n)
  16. saxum, saxī (gender?)
    rock, stone (n)
  17. iūstus, iūsta, iūstum
    just, right
  18. praeter (+acc.)
    besides, except; beyond, past
  19. num
    1. introduces direct questions which expect the answer "no"2. introduces indirect question and means whether
  20. postrēmum
    after all, finally; for the last time
  21. explicō, explicāre, explicāvī, explicātum
    to unfold; explain; spread out, deploy
  22. for, fārī, fātus sum
    to speak (prophetically), talk, foretell
  23. reperiō, reperīre, repperī, repertum
    to find, discover, learn; get
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