Reproduction part 1

  1. Implantation will occur in the __
    endometrium of the uterus
  2. outer covering of ovary
    tunica albuginea

    (thinner than in testes)
  3. Oogenesis begins during the __
    fetal period
  4. The primary oocyte remains stalled in __ until __
    prophase I; puberty
  5. __ allows the completion of __ & formation of a secondary oocyte.
    Monthly ovulation (LH surge); Meiosis I
  6. The secondary oocyte is arrested in __ until __
    metaphase II; sperm penetration
  7. After __, __ is completed & fertilization occurs
    sperm penetration; meiosis II
  8. 3 phases of the menstrual cycle
    • follicular phase
    • ovulation phase
    • luteal phase

    (page 10 on slide)
  9. At the beginning of the follicular phase, there is a __, a single (flat) layer of follicular cells that surround the oocyte
    primordial follicle

    - in primary oocyte
  10. FSH stimulates follicles to grow. Flat follicular cells become cuboidal and are called __. Then there is a formation of the __
    primary follicles; zona pellucida

    - still in primary oocyte
  11. Follicular cells multiply and turn intro stratified epithelium - granulosa cells. These follicle cells are now __
    secondary follicles

    - still in primary oocyte
  12. Follicle cells become __ with the formation of a cave, which turn into a __
    antral follicles; grafian (mature) follicle

    (page 8 on slide)
  13. The mature ovarian follicle carries out __ & is ready to be __
    meiosis I; ovulated
  14. The ovulation phase is induced by a __ & the ovulated gamete is renamed __. The __ oocyte will be released to the __
    • surge in LH;
    • an ovum;
    • secondary;
    • fallopian tube
  15. At the luteal phase, the residual follicle is renamed the __, which is an endocrine gland that produces __ to maintain the endometrial wall of the uterus for implantation.
    corpus luteum; progesterone & estrogen
  16. If fertilization fails to occur, the __ degrades into the __. Levels of __ will fall & result in menstrual flow.
    corpus luteum; corpus albicans; progesterone
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