Anatomy 1 Nervous System

  1. Prosencephalon
    Telencephalon and diencephalon
  2. Telencephalon
    • Cerebral hemispheres
    • Olfactory bulbs
    • Basal nuclei
    • Lateral ventricles
    • Projection fibers (internal capsule, Corona radiata)
    • Commissural fibers (corpus callosum)
  3. Diencephalon
    • Epithlamus
    • Thalamus
    • Hypothalamus
    • Pituitary gland
    • Pineal body
    • Third ventricle
  4. Mesencephalon
    • Corpora quadrigemina
    • Cerebral pesuncles
    • Cerebral aqueduct
    • Substantia nigra 
    • Red nucleus
  5. Metencephalon
    • Pons
    • Cerebellum
    • Part of fourth ventricle
  6. Myelencephalon
    • Medulla oblongata
    • Part of fourth ventricle
  7. Rhombencephalon
    • Metencephalon
    • Myelencephalon
  8. Olfactory nerve function
    Sensory: olfaction  (smell)
  9. Optic nerve function
    Sensory: vision
  10. Oculomotor function
    • Somatic motor: eye muscle control
    • Parasympathetic: focusing, constrict pupil
  11. Trochlear nerve function
    Somatic motor: eye muscle control
  12. Trigeminal nerve function
    • Sensory: touch, pain, temperature, muscle sense
    • Somatic motor: muscles of mastication
  13. Abducens nerve function
    Somatic motor: eye muscle control
  14. Facial nerve function
    • Somatic motor: facial expression
    • Parasympathetic: lacrimal & salivary gland secretion
    • Sensory: taste
  15. Vestibulo-cochlear nerve function
    Sensory: equilibrium, hearing
  16. Glossopharyngeal nerve function
    • Somatic motor: pharynx, swallowing
    • Parasympathetic: salivation
    • Sensory: general sense, taste, blood pressure
  17. Vagus nerve function
    • Somatic motor: pharynx, larynx  (swallowing & speech)
    • Parasympathetic: control of the heart, smooth muscle of airways, smooth muscle & glands of GI tract
    • Sensory: visceral sense
  18. Accessory nerve function
    Somatic motor: swallowing, movement of head and neck
  19. Hypoglossal nerve function
    Somatic motor: tongue (swallowing and speech)
  20. Phrenic nerve innervation
  21. Radial nerve innervation
    Posterior muscles of arm, forearm (triceps brachii, brachioradialis, extensors)
  22. Median nerve innervation
    Anterior forearm flexors (palmaris longus, flexor carpi radialis)
  23. Ulnar nerve innervation
    Anterior forearm flexors  (flexor carpi ulnaris)
  24. Femoral nerve innervation
    Muscles of anterior thigh (quads, sartorius)
  25. Tibial sciatic nerve innervation
    Posterior muscles of thigh, leg (hamstrings, gastrocnemius, soleus)
  26. Common fibular sciatic nerve innervation
    Anterior and lateral muscles of legal  (tibialis anterior)
  27. Recurrent laryngeal nerve function
    Muscles of the larynx
  28. Occipital lobe function
    Vision processing
  29. Temporal lobe function
    Sound/sound memory processing
  30. Parietal lobe function
    Somatosensory, sensation memory processing
  31. Frontal lobe function
    • Judgement
    • Personality
    • Emotional control
    • Social laws learned
  32. Pre-central gurus function
    Motor control
  33. Post-central gurus function
    Sensory control
  34. Pineal gland function
    Secretes melatonin
  35. Pituitary gland function
    Secretes hormones
  36. Thalassemia function
    Relays motor and sensory info to cortex
  37. Hypothalamus function
    ANS control center
  38. Superior colliculus function
    Visual reflex
  39. Inferior colliculus function
    Auditory reflex
  40. Pons function
    Controls breathing
  41. Cerebellum function
    Motor coordination processing
  42. Medulla oblongata function
    • Regulates HR and muscle tone in venous system
    • Basic reflex motor patterns (cough, sneeze, etc)
  43. U
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