Brackett 3

  1. Act 1 scene 9

    Sitting at desk, Emile sitting down and continuing the conversation
    • Now before you give your answer I want to impress upon you three things.
    • First, you are a civilian and you don't have to go.
    • Seconded, this is a very dangerous mission and there's no guarantee that you'll survive or that it will do any good. 
    • Third, that it might do a great good. It might be the means of turning the war in this area.
  2. I understand all these things.
    Are you ready to give your answer?
  3. Yes I am. My answer is no.....I know that island well Lt Cable.  I am not certain that I believe that what you ask me to do is...
    • We are asking you to help us  lick the Jap. 
    • It's as simple as that. 
    • We are against the Japs.
  4. Emile: I know what you are against but what are you for?
    ....Good day gentlemen..........cable.. Emile...
    Harbison: ... Point is we can be dammed sure it'll be worse if we lose.  Can't we?  Well can't we?
    • Of course.
    • Cable, there's a bottle of Scotch in my bottom drawer.
    • See you tomorrow.
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