1. what is the root INTERNIST  derive from?
    Latin root , internus, inside
  2. internus
    latin root inside
  3. internist
    specialist in  internal medicine
  4. intern
    medical graguate serving an apprenticeship inside a hospital
  5. Gynecologist
    Greek gyne , women, plus logos, sicence

    is the sicence (in actuall use medicial sicence) of women.

    adj. gynecological
  6. where obstertrician derives from?
    it derives from Latin obstetrix, midwife, which in turn has its  source in a Latin verb meaning to stand- midwives stand in frond of the women in labor to aid in the delivery of the infant.

    • obstetrics (产科学)
    • abstetric  or  obstetrical :adj.
  7. -ciain
    obstertrician, physician, musician, magician, electrician. 

  8. pediatrician
    a combination of greek paidos, child; iatreia ,medical healing; and -ician, expert.

    • pediatrics, the medical healing of a child 
    • adj. pediatric

    is from latain root ped-
  9. pedagogy
    • paidos (ped-) + agogos (leadings)
    • the leading of children
    • refers actually to the principles amd methods of teaching.

    pedagogy courses: the history of education; education psychology; the psychology of adolescents; principles of teaching; etx. 

    adj. pedagogical
  10. pedagogue
    • is versed in pedagogy.  
    • derive from agogos( leader)
    • it natural meaning is teacher
    • it has deteriorated to the point where it refers, today, to a narrow-minded, strait-laced, old-fashioned, dogmatic teacher.
    • use it carefully
  11. demoagogue
    • has also deteriorated in meaning.
    • by derivation a leader (agogos) of the people (demos), a demogogue today is actually one who attemplts , in essence , to mislead people, a politician who foments discontent among the masses, rousing them to fever pitch by wild oratory, in an attempt to be voted into office.

    once elected, demagogues use political power to further their own personal ambitions or fortunes.

    • many "leaders" of the past and present, in countries around the world, have been accused of demagoguery.
    • adj. demagogic.
  12. dermatologist
    • whose specialty is dermatology, is so named from greek derma, skin, 
    • adj. dermatological

    • derma, skin:
    • hypodermic needle penetrates under (greek, hypos) the skin;
    • epidermis is the outermost layer of skin;
    • a taxidermist, whose business is taxidermy, prepares, stuffs, and mounts the skins of animals;
    • a pechyderm is an animal with an unusually thick skin, like an elephant, hippopotamus, or rhinoceros;
    • dermatitis is the general name for any skin inflammation, irritation, or infextion.
  13. ophthalmologist
    • opthalmos , eye
    • + logos, science or study.
    • specialty is ophthalmology 
    • adj. ophthalmological
  14. oculist
    from latin oculus, eye
  15. ocular
    an adj. that refers to the eye
  16. monocle
    a lens for one (monos) eye, sported by characters in old movies as a symbol of the British so-called upper class
  17. binoculars
    field glasses that increase the range of two eyes
  18. optometrist  and optician
    optometrists are not physicians, and do not perform surgery or administer drugs; they measure vision, test for glaucoma, and prescribe and fit glasses

    opticians fill an optometrist's or ophthalmologist's prescription, grinding lenses according to specifications; they do not examine patients 

    optometrist combines Greek opsis, optikos, (sight ot vision) with metron measurement 

    is one who measures vision, specialty is optometry

    • optician is built on opsis, optikosm plus - ician, export. 
    • the specialty is optics
    • adj. optometric or optometrical , optical.
  19. opticians
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