History of Rock and roll

  1. What year did Country Rock started?
    Western and country are different styles. 1900 - middle to late 1940's
  2. Bluegrass
    Midwest and southern states. Agriculture and farming songs. Middle to 1920's
  3. Harmony for Country western
    3 cord harmony - 8 measure phrases (from partisan hymns)
  4. Instrumentation for Country western
    • Acoustic guitar
    • Sometimes: accordion, banjo, violin, fiddle, rarely harmonica.
    • wash - bin bass
  5. Western music
    Singing about working with the cattle.
  6. Western music harmony
    Basically 2 cords sometimes 3
  7. Western music Instrumantation
    • Acoustic guitar
    • Sometimes: fiddle, banjo, violin, harmonica
  8. Who crated motion pictures?
  9. Jean Othrea
    Bought the baseball game team the angels
  10. Double lead
    (lead guitars) 2 guitars forming a melody at the same time in mononomic melody.
  11. Bass patterns (ostinatos)
    Short repetition bass melody
  12. Bass pattern (walking bass)
    Step wise scale base melody
  13. Comping
    speratic performs of cortal harmony for color in jazz
  14. Unison
    2 or more of the same, or different instrumentation, playing together at the exact same time on the exact same notes.
  15. Hooks
    short repetitious statements
  16. Stop-timing
    Jazz - short filling of instrumentation surrounding/around
  17. Stride piano
    a long scale like flourishes supporting a primary melody
  18. Fusion jazz
    Jazz with rock and roll elements
  19. jazz rock
    rock and roll with jazz elements
  20. 12 bar blues
    Has a distinctive form in lyrics, phrase, chord structure, and duration. In its basic form, it is predominantly based on the I-IV-V chords of a key.
  21. cotton field
    strong double back bead, different pitch
  22. instrumentation for jazz rock
    • exact same as fusion rock and jazz
    • Guitar (lead and rhythm)
    • Electric bass
    • Drums set
    • Keyboards: acoustic piano, electric piano, organ synthesizers
  23. Melodies (riff)
    short repetitious primary melody
  24. Smiling phases
    Blood, sweat, and tears
  25. British Euro Hard Rock musical style
    Riff melodies, R & B harmony, lyrics & theather
  26. American style hard rock musical style
    • Extended melodies/non R&B, and lyrics
    • not 12 bar blues or melodies rhythm oriented.
  27. Instrumentation for american hard rock music
    Lead rhythm base guitar and quartet
  28. Lyrics, looks, and style American hard rock style
    • Lyrics: light heart (drug, sex, and rock n' roll in a party like way part oriented)
    • Theater: USA style big hair bands no uniforms likes to wearing spandex to show their bulging genitalia.
    • Look: Feminine makeup
  29. Vincent Furtio
    • Became Ales Copper
    • Combination of rhythm & extended melodies. Celtic in a light way
  30. Drums new technology
    Acrylic set: drums are made out of wood (warn sound). Acrylic drum made a harder sound put an alloy base
  31. Guitars new technology
    • Created a better string than they had to withstand endurance. Created a stronger pick ups little microphone that pics up the sounds.
    • USA - fender company. Marshall started with the finder sisters.
  32. Speed metal
    Tempo very fast the bases. Ensembles - how well they play together
  33. Death metal
    Musicality was turning into musicality Death, suiside, gourd, blood
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