chapter 11: Iron Metabolism

  1. where is 70% of total iron found in the body
  2. what state is iron found stored in the body
    ferrous (Fe+3)
  3. what are the two storage forms of iron
    ferritin and hemosiderin
  4. how is iron intaked by the body
    • heme: meats,
    • nonheme: leafy greens (harder to absorb)
  5. what state must iron be absorbed iin
    ferrous (Fe2+)
  6. what are the sites of absorption of iron
    duodenum and jejunum of small intestine
  7. what is the function of hepicidin
    to degrade ferroportin and prevent iron from being absorbed in the plasma
  8. what is the function of ferroportin
    iron goes out of the intestinal cell via basal layer thanks to this guy
  9. what type of cells produce transferrin
    hepatocytes. liver
  10. describe the relationship of hepicidin with chronic inflammation anemia
    inflammation will cause increase levels of macrophages to have iron in them. Hyperactivity will cause hepcidin levels to increase as well.
  11. what stain distinguishes iron levels in the macrophage
    Prussian blue
  12. what three areas is iron found in the body
    • mitochondria
    • hemoglobin
    • myoglobin
  13. what is the function of IRP
    a protein that enhances the function of ferritin and transferrin by activating its corresponding gene sequence
  14. what are the two storage forms of iron
    apoferritin and hemosiderin
  15. what is apoferritin
    the ferritin protein without iron. precursor to ferritin
  16. what is hemosiderin
    max storage of oxidized from ferritin. is the parially degraded product of ferritin and appears during iron overload and hemochromatosis
  17. what is hemochromatosis
    iron metabolism disease where there is excess iron in the tissues
  18. what is the function of hephaestin in iron absorption
    found in the basal layer and reoxidized ferrous to ferric iron
  19. what is the function of DMT1 is iron absorption
    protein associated with ironĀ enteringĀ the intestinal cell
  20. describe the significance of serum iron in iron studies
    measures iron only bound to trasnferring
  21. measuring total iron binding capacity (TIBC)
    measuring total ability of iron to bind to transferrin and includes transferrin not bound to iron.
  22. TIBC - total iron = UIBC
  23. what is plasma ferritin and describe signifcance in iron studies
    • ferritin is leaked out into the plasma at a cell constant rate and can be used as a measurement for the amount of ferritin in the cell.
    • good to distinguish the different types of thalassemia
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