Anesthesia3- Swine

  1. What makes anesthesia in pigs difficult?
    • can't get HR, temp prior to induction (probably can only get RR)
    • peripheral arteries and veins are difficult to access (usually use auricular artery)
    • can't really palpate pulses
    • intubation challenging
  2. __(2)__ are not very effective in pigs.
    alpha-2 agonists and phenothiazines
  3. Sedation in pigs is most often achieved by ________ route in administration.
  4. What drugs are commonly used for sedation and/r anesthesia induction in pigs?
    • TKX- telazol, ketamine, xylazine mixture (1mL/25kg)
    • try not to exceed 3mL total b/c this leads to prolonged recovery
  5. Describe how we can achieve induction of swine patients for general anesthesia.
    • may be achieved with TKX
    • may need to be completed by mask or IV injection of ketamine
    • IV access achieved through auricular vein
  6. How is intubation of swine achieved?
    • difficult
    • neutral positioning of pig, don't extend head too much (makes angle of the laryngotracheal junction more acute)
    • avoid ventral laryngeal diverticulum (will stop here and you will cause damage if you try to force it)
    • stylette used to facilitate placement and advancement of endotracheal tube
  7. Describe monitoring of swine during general anesthesia.
    • difficult to palpate pulses
    • equipment not designed for cone-shaped legs
    • doppler place on ventral aspect of tail
    • pulse ox on ear
  8. What is the surgical maintenanceĀ fluid rate for swine?
  9. What do we use for analgesia in swine?
    • opioids
    • lumbosacral epidural (C section)
  10. What is porcine stress syndrome?
    • [aka malignant hyperthermia]
    • due to mutation in one oft he genes that controls calcium metabolism
    • signs: hypercapnea, muscle rigidity, rapid rise in temperature, leads to death
    • treat with dantrolene
  11. Describe the recovery of swine from general anesthesia.
    • extubation on swallowing or movement
    • IV often removed prior to complete recovery after routine procedures (if pig is ill and needs IV treatments, make sure to bandage catheter)
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