social studies 6c

  1. name the 4 noble truths
    • 1.all life is suffering
    • 2.suffering is caused by craving's
    • get rid of all craving's
    • give up all craving's follow the eightfold path
  2. what did Ashoka use in war that helped him win, and what would they do to help him?
    he used elephants, the elephants would stomp on people or they were used as human bridges.
  3. how did Ashoka spread buddhism?
    he sent missionaries and he made it the offical religon, and he would never use nonviolence, he also wrote own he values on monuments, he also made temples.
  4. what was siddhartha before he became the budda?
    he was a prince
  5. what empire was considered the golden age?
    the gupta empire
  6. true or false, hindusim was polythesic
  7. what is karma?
    karma is the good and evil done in the past life that determines the nature of the persons next life
  8. what is dharma?
    dharma is a duty or obligation that person has to live an honorable or good and pure life
  9. what is samsara?
    samsara is the continous cycle of birth, death, and rebirth
  10. what is reincarnation?
    reincarnation is the belief that a person's soul is reborn into a new body after death
  11. what did brahma do?
  12. what did shiva do?
    she was destiny
  13. what did vishnu do?
    he preserves
  14. what are the four varnas
    • 1.brahmins
    • 2. kshatriyas
    • 3. vaishyas
    • 4. shudras
  15. what was the cast brahmins?
    priest, and religious scholars
  16. what was the cast kshatriyas?
    rulers and warriors
  17. what was the cast vaishyas?
    herders and merchants
  18. what was the cast shudras
    farmers and servants
  19. what did clay models show us?
    that people had a way to travel and to travel food.
  20. what do games show us.
    that some people played games in there free time, and that kids enjoyed playing games.
  21. what is the great bath? what did they use it for?
    the great bath was a pool built of waterproof brick. it was used for religious rituals, and for washing themselves.
  22. name three characteristics of the thar desert
    • it is in northern india
    •   there is huge sand dunes and little plant life
    •   dust storms are common and it is very hot
  23. tell five things about the eastern and western ghats?
    • between them is the deccan plateau
    •  the eastern and western ghats are near india's coast
    •  the western ghats are higher than the eastern ghats
  24. the ganges river
    • the ganges river flows across most of northern india
    • the river makes it way down south throw ice, rocks, and magnificent mountains and valley's
  25. the eightfold path
    • right understanding
    • right purpose
    • right speech
    • right action
    • right way to earn a living
    • right effort
    • right mindfulness
    • right concentration
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