Vocab Cartoons 1pt.2

  1. Bucolic
    Rural or rustic in nature; Bulls Frolic
  2. Abstruse
    hard to understand
  3. Demure
    to object, to make exception
  4. Inveigle
    To tempt or persuade by using deception/flattery
  5. Pied
  6. Anterior
    Situated in front; Antlers
  7. Abut
    border upon; to adjoin
  8. Surfeit
    an overabundant amount
  9. Desiccate
    To dry out completely
  10. Tyro
    a beginner; a novice
  11. Adjunct
    Something connected or added to another in a subordinate position
  12. Lexicon
    a dictionary
  13. Menagerie
    a collection of live wild animals
  14. Nepotism
    Favors shown by those in high positions to relatives and friends
  15. Fleece
    to defraud, swindle
  16. Entomology
    The scientific study of insects
  17. Ostracize
    to exclude from a group
  18. Capacious
    roomy, able to hold much
  19. Umbrage
    sense of injury or insult; displeasure
  20. Gamin
    a neglected boy left to run about in the streets
  21. Husbandry
    management of resources
  22. Couture
    Fashion and fashion designers
  23. Egalitarian
    advocating the doctrine of equal rights
  24. Volition
    an act of choosing
  25. Potentate
    A powerful ruler
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Vocab Cartoons 1pt.2
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