history six weeks test

  1. Who was Haym Solomon?
    a merchant prime financier during the AR
  2. Who was Patrick Henry?
    • wrote speeches that inspired the¬† patriot cause
    • " Give me Liberty or Give me death"
  3. Who was General Cornwallis?
    • surrendered at Yorktown
    • was a general for the British
  4. Who was George Washington?
    commander of Continental Army
  5. Who was Abigail Adams?
    • wife of John Adams
    • fought for women's rights
  6. Who was Mercy Otis Warren?
    wrote anti-British propaganda
  7. Who was Benjamin Franklin?
    • went to France to negotiate alliance
    • helped draft D of I
  8. Who was King George the 3rd?
    • King of Great Britain
    • tyrant
    • passed all acts, taxes that lead to AR
  9. What was the Treaty of Paris (1763)?
    ended the F and I War
  10. Causes of the AR
    • all Acts and taxes
    • Boston Massacre and Boston Tea Party
  11. What was the 1st Continental Congress?
    • meeting of delegates
    • decided to boycott British goods
  12. What was July 4th 1776?
    • colonies declare independence
    • stated grievances against GB
  13. What was Lexington and Concord?
    • first battle
    • " shot heard around the world"
    • British troops sent as sign of force
  14. What was the Battle of Bunker Hill?
    • first major battle
    • British win but have large casualties
  15. What was the 2nd Continental Congress?
    • created Continental Army
    • created currency
    • Olive Branch last chance at peace
  16. What was Valley Forge?
    • harsh winter
    • disease and lack of supplies
    • trained by Van Steuben
  17. What was the Battle of Saratoga?
    • turning point in war
    • American victory
  18. What was the Battle of Yorktown?
    • final battle
    • Americans and French forces surrounded British
    • Cornwallis surrenders
  19. What was the Treaty of Paris?
    • ended AR
    • British forced to recognize A independence
  20. What was the Articles of Confederation?
    • created unified government that was weak
    • gave states more power then Federal Government
  21. What is a tribute?
    praise to a person
  22. What are Unalienable Rights?
    rights that can't be taken away from you
  23. What is bias?
    favor of something
  24. What is Civil Disobedience?
    refusal to obey certain laws
  25. What is a Farewell Address?
    a letter people right when they leave
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