FON241 - Lesson 11

  1. Physical inactivity is linked to all of the following except
  2. Physical inactivity is linked to


  3. The progressive overload principle can be applied by performing
    An activity with more intensity
  4. The process that regenerates glucose from lactate is
    Cori Cycle
  5. "Hitting the wall" is a term runners sometimes use to describe
    glucose depletion
  6. The technique endurance athletes use to maximize glycogen stores is called
    carbohydrate loading
  7. Conditioned muscles rely less on ___ and more on ___ for energy
    glycogen; fat
  8. Vitamin or mineral supplements taken just before an event are useless for improving performance because the
    Body needs hours or days for the nutrients to do their work
  9. Physically active young women, especially those who are endurance athletes, are prone to
    iron deficiency
  10. The body's need for ___ far surpasses its need for any other nutrient
  11. A recommended pre-game meal includes plenty of fluids and provides between
    300 and 800 kcalories, mostly from carbohydrate-rich foods
  12. The characteristics that enable the body to perform physical activity; more broadly, the ability to meet routine physical demands with enough reserve energy to rise to a physical challenge; or the body's ability to withstand stress of all kinds
  13. Benefits of Fitness include
    Restful sleep

    Nutritional health

    Optimal body composition

    Optimal bone density

    Resistance to colds and other infectious diseases

    Low risk of some types of cancers, cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, gallbladder disease in women

    Low incidence of severity of anxiety and depression

    Strong self-image

    Long life and high quality of life in later years

    Strong circulation and lung function
  14. What term means not requiring oxygen
  15. What term mean requiring oxygen
  16. Improvements in heart and lung function and increased blood volume, brought about by aerobic training
    Cardiorespiratory conditioning
  17. Benefits of cardiorespiratory conditioning
    Increases cardiac output and oxygen delivery

    Increases stoke volume

    Slows resting pulse

    Increases breathing efficiently

    Improves circulation

    Reduces blood pressure
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