Chapter 10 - Set 2

  1. A Massachusetts Representative & Senator who became a spokesman for
    the North.  He emphasized that the preservation of the Union was more
    important than individual state's rights.
    Daniel Webster
  2. Admitted Missouri as a slave state and Maine as a non-slave state at the same time, so as not to upset the balance between slave and free states in the nation. It also outlawed slavery above the 36° 30' latitude line in the remainder of the Louisiana Territory.
    The Missouri Compromise
  3. Loyalty to a region
  4. A national bank chartered by Congress in 1816 with extensive regulatory powers over currency and credit
    Second Bank of the United States
  5. Agreement between US and Britain to remove armed fleets from the Great Lakes and the US/Canadian border
    Rush-Bagot Treaty (1817)
  6. Reduction of armed forces and weapons of war
  7. Treaty between the United States and Spain in 1819 that gave Florida to the U.S. and set a boundary between the U.S. and New
    Spain (now Mexico)
    Adams-Onis Treaty
  8. (1) European nations should not establish new colonies in the Western
    Hemisphere, (2) European nations should not intervene in the affairs of
    independent nations of the Western Hemisphere, and (3) the United States
    would not interfere in the affairs of the European nation
    Monroe Doctrine
  9. Large amounts of uniform pieces that can replace any other identical pieces.
    Interchangeable parts
  10. A skilled British mechanic who immigrated to the u.s. after carefully memorizing the designs of textile mill machines
    Samuel Slater
  11. Invented by Robert Fulton in 1807; product of industrial age that halved
    the cost of upstream river transport and increased the the flow of
    goods, people, and news
  12. The period from 1817 to 1823 in which the disappearance of the
    Federalists enabled the Democratic-Republicans to govern harmoniously
    Era of Good Feelings
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