1. What is the mission of social work?
    The primary mission of the social work profession is to enhance human well being and help meet the basic human needs of all people with particular attention to the needs and empowerment of people who are vulnerable.

    • *enhance human well being
    • *basic human needs
  2. What is social work?
    Proffession of helping - help people function the best way they can

    Value based - code of ethics


    Effects every level of social functioning
  3. What are the core values of social work?
    • 1. service - provide for people in need
    • 2. social justice - challenge social injustice
    • 3. dignity and worth of a person
    • 4. importance of human relationships
    • 5. inergrity
    • 6. compentence
  4. Describe micro, mezzo and macro.
    micro - one on one work. individuals and families

    mezzo - middle level. between individual work and community work (neighborhood groups, support groups, students)

    macro - community practice. change on large scale. policy and community change.
  5. What are the differences between conservative and liberal perspectives?
    Conservatives - oppose change, pessismistic view of people, people need to take responsibility for themselves, government should have a minimal role

    Liberal - like change, better way to do things, optimistic about human behavior, take action for social justice
  6. Describe Systems Theory.
    • -framework for practice
    • -dominate theory in social work
    • -everything impacts everything else
    • -person in enviroment - seeing people how they function in their enviroement. What is impacting that person's enviroment
    • -interactionism-constant interaction between individual and enviroment
  7. What is focal/target system?
    A system that you are trying to change (individual, family, policy)
  8. What is a subsystem?
    A component of a larger system. Community > family (subsystem)
  9. What is a suprasystem?
    A large more encompassing system. (nation, cultural system)
  10. What are boundaries?
    A limit setter. Sets limits in place. i.e. laws
  11. What is homeostasis?
    If a system stops functioning. A system has to have the ability to change in order to be healthy and function.
  12. What is equinifality?
    There are many different ways to achieve the same goal.
  13. What are system therory assumptions?
    • - change affects the whole
    • - have influence outside
    • - must process outside influence
    • - produce output, which is input for another system
    • - feedback from the enviroment
    • - self regulated
  14. What is the global perspective?
    • - sustainability - make changes today that will last.
    • - human rights
    • - social, ecomomic justice
    • - common issues around the world
    • - may require different approaches to solutions
    • - difference in social work
  15. What is NASW stance on Sex Education.
    • -service should be responsive to needs
    • -comprehensive health education should be provided to all adolecents (physical and emotional)
    • -comprehensive heath services provided to those who become preganant
  16. What is NASW stance on death penalty.
    • -federal and state should abolish the death penalty
    • -pending abolition a moratorium should be immediatly imposed
    • -must be 18 to be sentenced to death
    • -ensure that defendants represented by qualified attorneys
  17. What is NASW stance on employers drug test on a random basis.
    • -employers should consider alternatives to drug testing
    • -include education and prevention
    • -consistant and fair treatment of all employees
  18. What is NASW stance on doctor assisted sucide due to terminal illness.
    • -euthansia - doctor is physically apart of the process
    • -physically assisted - doctor not present, patient is given the drugs needed

    • -based on client (self determination)
    • -social worker must be self aware of own biases
  19. What is NASW stance on abortion/morning after pill.
    • -support self determination on all reproductive health services
    • -health services must be voluntary and preserve rights
    • -have the right to have access to abortion
    • -legelation should facilitate a woman's right to contraceptive and emergency contraceptive products
  20. What is NASW stance on healthcare.
    • -health and mental healthcare for all citizens
    • -support ongoing research on how to finance the healthcare systems
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