1. What kind of hearing protection is required at a noise level of 85db?
    Single hearing protection
  2. What kind of hearing protection is required at a noise level of 105db?
    Double Hearing Protection
  3. Who must you get permission from to go aloft?
  4. Within the field the Coast Guard is divided up into 2 areas, what are they?
    Atlantic and Pacific Areas
  5. Within each Atlantic and Pacific Areas there are what?
    District Offices, an MLC, and Cutters
  6. Atlantic and Pacific areas are lead by what?
    3 star admiral
  7. MLC’s have oversight over whom?
    ISC’s, CEU’s, and support centers
  8. MLC’s are lead by what?
    2 star Admirals
  9. Districts are lead by what?
    1 or 2 star Admirals
  10. Large Cutters over 180 ft are under the command of whom?
    Area commanders
  11. The Quasi-War with France was when?
    1798 – 1799
  12. The cutter Pickering captured how many prizes during the Quasi-War?
  13. During the war of 1812 the C.G. evolved the role of what?
    Using shallow draft vessels to augment the Navy
  14. The Cutter Eagle recaptured two prizes against what French cutter?
    The Cutter Revenge
  15. During the War of 1812 which cutter was defeated by the English cutter Narcissis?
    The cutter Surveyor
  16. During the war of 1812 which cutter was defeated by the cutter Dispatch?
    The Cutter Eagle
  17. The Mexican-American war was declared on what date?
    May 13, 1846
  18. Which Cutter fired the first naval shots during the Civil War at Fort Sumter in 1861?
    The Cutter Harriet Lane
  19. The first steamships to be used in wartime were C.G. Cutters during which war?
    The Mexican-American War of 1846
  20. During the Spanish-American War which cutter was used in the Manila Bay?
    Cutter McCulloch
  21. During the Spanish-American War which cutter was used in the Cuban Bay?
    Cutter Hudson
  22. When was the first time the C.G. went completely under the Navy and DOD?
    World War I
  23. More CG Personnel were killed during which war then any other war?
    World War I
  24. Which cutter was destroyed by a German sub during World War I?
    Cutter Tampa
  25. The Cutter Northland made the first US naval capture during which war?
    World War II (Boskoe)
  26. The cutter Campbell sank an enemy sub by doing what?
    Ramming it
  27. Which Cutter developed antisubmarine policy?
    Cutter Spencer
  28. Ocean going Cutters used in the Vietnam War were painted what color?
  29. 82-foot cutters were used during the Vietnam War for operation _______?
    Market time
  30. What happened for the first time in CG reserve history during Desert Shield / Desert Storm?
    Involuntary overseas mobilization
  31. Operation desert shield was intended to do what?
    Defend Saudi Arabia
  32. The first time US Navy ships were employed jointly under CG Command was when?
    During Operation Nobel Eagle on Nov. 5th, 2001
  33. The Federal lifesaving service began in what year off the New Jersey and Long Island coasts?
  34. Operation Iraqi Freedom put the largest amount of CG overseas deployment since when?
  35. What Began in 1822 when the President used the Revenue Cutter Service to protect timber?
    Environmental Enforcement
  36. The Fishery and Conservation Act of 1976 created what?
    A 200-mile offshore fishing zone
  37. When did the CG start working with the Bureau of Fisheries?
  38. In 1899 the Refuse Act was passed to protect what?
    Waterways from pollution
  39. The National Strike Force was created in what year?
  40. The sinking of the Titanic in 1912 lead to the establishment of what?
    International Ice Patrol
  41. The Lighthouse Service came into being in what year and with how many sites?
    1789 with more then 1,000
  42. What year was the lighthouse service absorbed into the CG?
  43. Ida Lewis served at which lighthouse?
    Lime rock light house
  44. Who is the only man to receive both the Medal of Honor, and the Gold Lifesaving Medal?
    Marcus Hanna
  45. The Motorboat Act of 1910 established what?
    The first creditable boating safety program
  46. The CG Auxiliary was created by the CG reserve act in what year?
  47. The women’s reserve was created by public law 773 and was known as the SPARs in what year?
  48. The civilian reserve was renamed the CG Auxiliary in what year?
  49. Today’s auxiliary is organized into 4 units, what are they?
    Flotilla, Division, District Regions, National
  50. Which two women became the first uniformed women to serve in the CG in 1918?
    Twin sisters Genevieve and Lucille Baker
  51. The first 5 black female SPARs were?
    Olivia Hooker, D. Winifred Byrd, Julia Mosley, Yvonne Cumberbatch, and Aileen Cooke
  52. Alex Haley influenced the creation of which rate?
  53. Yeoman Jack Kerwin became the first Master Chief in the CG in what year?
  54. Master Chief Yeomen Pearl Faurie was the first what?
    E-9 SPAR
  55. Alice Jefferson is the first SPAR to be sworn into regular service in which year?
  56. Marcus Hanna won the gold life saving medal while being stationed where?
    Cape Elizabeth Lighthouse Station
  57. To be a warrant officer you must have _____ years of service, hold the rank of ______, and score in the top ______% of the SWE.
    8years (4 in the CG), E-6, top 50%
  58. Where did Douglas Munro win the Medal of Honor?
    Point cruz, Guadalcanal
  59. What is the age waiver for OCS?
    1 month for every month served in armed forces for up to 60 months, CWOs can apply up to 40 yrs of age.
  60. PPEP is for people in what age range?
    21-32 yrs of age
  61. Cadets are between what age range?
    18-21 Years
  62. Supervisors must counsel employees no later then _______ when it comes to evaluations?
    30 days after completion of EER
  63. Supervisors must route completed EER to marking official by when?
    9 days prior
  64. Evaluees submitting bullets must route completed bullets no later than ________days prior to review period?
    14 days
  65. All employee reviews for E-6 and above are required to have what?
    Supporting remarks
  66. Advancement to E-7 requires what kind of employee review?
    NJP or Court Martial
  67. The member counseling report is obtained from where?
    Electronic EERS on the intranet
  68. Where can you obtain rating material?
    CG Institute
  69. When is a report of survey not necessary for property?
    Property with a value of less then $500
  70. A report of survey is performed on what form?
  71. The CG employs two types of training; what are they?
    Resident and Non-Resident
  72. All training records can be reviewed where?
    In direct access
  73. Request to attend “C” schools must be requested through what?
    Short Term Training Request (STTR) or an Electronic Training Request (ETR)
  74. A micro purchase is for items of what value?
    $2,500 or less
  75. PRs for construction requests are limited to what amount?
  76. The CG electronic forms system screen has 3 options for looking up forms; what are they?
    Form library box, form number, form title
  77. Electrical cords entering an enclosure must have what type of device attached to them?
    Strain relief device
  78. Instructions (INST) remain in effect until canceled or replaced and are reviewed how often?
    Every 4 years
  79. Manuals contain more than 25 pages and remain in effect until canceled and are reviewed how often?
    Annually by their originators
  80. Notices (NOTE) are automatically canceled after how long?
    12 months
  81. A supervisor cannot deprive a person of _______ as a form of punishment
    Normal Liberty
  82. A supervisor can with hold _______ as a form of punishment
    Special Liberty, change of duty, commissary and exchange privileges, special events, access to base library, movies and club.
  83. Court-Martial rule 315 states a person must be a _____in the role of military police, guard, shore patrol, or investigator and have authorization from a CO to search under ________.
    Petty Officer, Probable Cause
  84. If sufficient time to obtain a search authorization would result in ________ then a probable cause search may be performed.
    Loss of Evidence
  85. What Court-Martial rule allows evidence obtained in a probable cause search to be used?
    Rule 316
  86. What are the 7 different types of administrative remarks?
    • Accession, assignment and transfer, advancement after reduction,
    • performance and discipline, separation, selective reenlistment bonus,
    • selective reserve bonus program.
  87. Which form allows administrative remarks to be added to evaluation forms?
  88. Advancement to E-8 requires how many years of active duty?
  89. Advancement to E-9 requires how many years of active duty?
  90. 2 years in present pay grade is required to advance for which pay grades?
    E-6 and higher
  91. How many months of satisfactory conduct is required to advance for E-6 and above?
    24 consecutive months
  92. Section 632, Title 14, US Code gives the Commandant the authority to do what?
    Frock CG Enlisted Personnel
  93. How many months of satisfactory conduct is required to advance for E-5 and below?
    12 consecutive months
  94. CG Form 1650 is used for what?
    Recommending an award
  95. Men’s hair cannot ___________?
    Exceed 1 ½ inches from scalp in bulk, be longer then 4 inches, touch the ears or collar, or extend past the eyebrows.
  96. Women’s hair cannot ___________?
    • Exceed a maximum bulk of 2 inches, cannot fall below the collar, or fall
    • below the brim of the hat or the eyebrow, multiple brads should
    • minimize scalp exposures.
  97. The petty officer rate became official when?
  98. Naval petty officers got their first rate insignia when?
  99. As a rule, the petty officer’s __________ dictates the level of authority, responsibility, and accountability
  100. Title 14 USC, section 89, gives petty officers authority to board a vessel under U.S.
    • a. Inspect and search the vessel
    • b. Examine ship documents and papers
    • c. Address inquiries to those on board
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