1. What is the case structure used in place of?
    nested if statements
  2. How many methods can a class contain? How many times can a method be called?
    Unlimited, unlimited
  3. Can you use loops to accumulate data and validate data?
  4. What can you say about the values in an array?
    They have the same data type
  5. When you declare an array – are the elements automatically set to 0?
    No, besides java and visual basic
  6. Are you allowed to create multiple methods with the same name in the same class? What is that called?
    yes, overloading
  7. When you create an object, can you develop new objects that possess the same traits as that original object plus some additional ones? What is that called?
    yes, inheritance
  8. Can you write client programs, never creating nonclient classes, using what others have created or do you have to write programs that create your own classes?
    Yes, as long as you have permission
  9. Do you need to understand how classes' methods work internally in order to use them if they are written well?
  10. Can you overload any method or constructor in a class?
  11. What are the rules that govern a programming language called?
  12. Give some examples of an input operation.
    Get number, Read Number
  13. What is volatile memory?
    Loses value when power is removed
  14. How do you identify a method?
    By its method, or () after the name
  15. When a variable holds data about an object it is called what?
    A Field
  16. What is meant by precedence?
    Rules that govern the order of operations
  17. What are the parts of a declaration statement?
    Variable type, name of variable
  18. Which data type contains a decimal point?
    Floating point
  19. Some languages fill uninitialized variables with what kind of value?
    Default values
  20. What can you use to communicate with the operating system by typing text?
    Command line interface
  21. What is a message displayed on a monitor asking for a response called?
  22. Whether its graphical or command line – what do we use to communicate with our computer?
    User interface
  23. Related files are often used in what?
  24. What is a repeating flow of logic with no end?
    Infinite loop
  25. The diamond shape in a flowchart represents what?
    asks a question
  26. What is a yes or no decision often called?
    Binary decision
  27. What is a preselected value that is used to stop the execution of a program but does not represent real data?
    Dummy Value
  28. A preselected value that stops the execution of a program can also be called what kind of value because it represents an entry or exit point?
    Sentinel Value
  29. What is the term used for snarled program statements?
    Spaghetti code
  30. Sequence, Selection and Loop are the three main what?
    Data structures
  31. Placing one structure within another structure is called what?
  32. What is another name for priming input?
    Priming Read
  33. What is a pretest loop?
    Asks the question at the beginning, while loop
  34. What is a posttest loop?
    Asks question at the end, Do until/while
  35. What is the definition of a method?
    Self Contained program module
  36. How do you execute a method?
    Invoke it from another method
  37. What does creating methods do for programming?
    Makes large programs easier to manage
  38. What kind of expression represents one of two states, true or false?
  39. When you compare two values, they much be of the same what?
    Data type
  40. What is another name for comparison symbols?
    Relational Operators
  41. What is the most awkward relational operator and the most likely to be different in different languages?
    Not equal to
  42. What is the definition of a range of values?
    Every value between a high and low limit
  43. What do you use to reverse the meaning of a Boolean expression?
    Logical Not
  44. What kind of value is assigned after all previous selections are false?
    Default Value
  45. How can you force a particular expression to be evaluated first?
  46. What can you use instead of AND and OR decisions?
    Nested Ifs
  47. When you have a series of decisions based on the value contained in a single variable, what structure can you use?
  48. What kind of loop executes as long as the Boolean expression evaluates to true?
    While Loop
  49. If you do not control the number of repetitions in a loop , you may create what kind of loop?
    Infinite loop
  50. You can control a loop by using a counter or what other kind of value?
    Sentinel Value
  51. When do you initialize a loop control variable?
    Before entering a loop
  52. The decision that controls every loop is always based on what type of a comparison?
    Boolean Comparison
  53. You can use the for statement with what kind of loops, definite or indefinite?
  54. To ensure a loop executes at least once, what kind of loop would you use?
    Post-test, ex. do loop
  55. What does a loop-controlling question do?
    Provide entry or exit from the loop
  56. What kind of reports lists totals, not individual details?
  57. What kind of variable is used to accumulate values?
  58. What is the difference in a counter and accumulator variable?
    Counter counts how many times it goes through the loop, accumulator counts the total
  59. What type of variable holds values of the same type and is held in contiguous memory and differentiated using subscripts?
    An array
  60. What is another name for subscript?
  61. Subscripts are always a sequence of what kind of numbers?
  62. How do you declare and initialize an array in pseudocode?
    Numeric Name[size]=0
  63. If you declare numeric sizes[] = 2,4,6,8,12 , how does the computer know what size the array is?
    Initial values provided
  64. If an array can change size it is said to be what kind of array?
    Dynamic Array
  65. What do you call a loop that puts initial values in an array?
    Initialization Loop
  66. What are two corresponding arrays also known as?
  67. What is an early exit?
    Leaving a loop as soon as a match is found
  68. What happens when you use a subscript that is not within the range of acceptable subscripts for an array?
    Out of bounds error
  69. What is encapsulation?
    Using a method name to encapsulate a series of statements
  70. What's another name for methods?
  71. What are global variables?
    Variables known by the entire class
  72. What is implementation hiding?
    Requesting a method without know the details of how the method works
  73. What makes up a method's signature?
    Name and parameter list
  74. What is a void method?
    Method that doesn’t request a value
  75. How are arrays passed to methods, by what?
  76. What are the building blocks of object oriented programming?
  77. Every object is a member of what?
    A class
  78. What does a class diagram look like?
    Rectangle divided in 3 sections
  79. When you use a class object within another class object it is said to have what kind of relationship?
  80. What is multiple inheritance?
    When you can inherit from more than one class
  81. What kind of modeling language is used to specify , construct and document systems?
  82. What kind of diagram emphasizes what happens in a system?
    Behavior Diagram
  83. What kind of diagram emphasizes the flow of control and data in the system?
    Interaction Diagram
  84. What kind of diagrams are used to show how a business works from those outside the business?
    Use-Case Diagram
  85. What are the variations in the sequence of actions in a use case called?
    A scenario
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