exam 2 psy 210

  1. chapter 6 
    what is Erickson's stage of psychosocial development in early childhood?
  2. ch 6
    what type of self-descriptions do children typically provide early in childhood?
  3. in order to feel ___ emotions, children must be able to refer to themselves and be aware of themselves as distinct from others
  4. ch 6
    ___ is piagets first stage of moral development in which rules are conceived of as unchangeable properties of the world
  5. ch 6
    ___ refer to a set of expectations that prescribe how females or males should think, act and feel.
  6. ch 6 
    which statement best describe the explanation given by the gender schemes theory for gender development?
  7. ch6 
    ___ parenting involves a restrictive, punitive style in which parents expect children to obey their rules without any questions
  8. ch 6
    Diana Baumrind's research suggest that parenting that is ____ and ___ leads to best outcomes for children
  9. ch6 

    regarding child maltreatment, which of the following statements are true
  10. ch 6
    which of the following statements about sibling is incorrect?
  11. ch6
    regarding changing family, which of these statements is true?
  12. ch6 
    a majority of children being raised by a gay or lesbian couple were born
  13. ch6 
    regarding cultural ethnic, and socioeconomic variations in families, which of the following statements is true?
  14. ch6
    peers are important in normal social development because
  15. ch6
    regarding play which of the following statements is true
  16. how does play enhance a child's cognitive development?
  17. ch6
    dolly is playing with a doll all by herself, and seemss unaware and disinterested in what other kids in her classroom are doing, parten would describe this as ___ play
  18. ch6
    in what type of play does a child increasingly transform their physical enviroment into a symbol
  19. ch6
    ___ play involves the repetition of behavior when new skills are being learned
  20. ch6
    the highest incidence of game playing occurs
  21. ch6
    regarding children and television which of the following statements is true?
  22. ch6 
    in which of the following developed countries do young children watch the most television
  23. ch8 1. 
    what is the correct statement of self esteem
  24. ch8 2
    erickson's stage describing socioemotional development for people in middle and late childhood is called
  25. ch8 3
    which of the following is an important developmental change in emotions during the elementary school years
  26. ch 8 4 
    when 8 year old jenny states "I will know i will be able to read that book as long as i practice reading every night" she is demonstrating
  27. ch8 5
    ___ is the ability to manage on'es behavior, emotions, and thoughts that lead to increased social competence and achievement
  28. ch 8 6 
    which of kohlberg's levels of moral development involves full internalization of moral values
  29. ch 8 7 
    according to kohlberg, in the __ stage, moral thinking is tied to punishment
  30. ch8 8 
    caol gillgans central criticism of kohlberg's theory of moral development is that
  31. ch 8 9 
    belief that young girls should be sugar and spice and everything nice is a
  32. ch 8 10
    recent studies suggest that societal changes are leading females to be more
  33. ch8 11 
    according to your textbook which of these statements regarding gender roles is true?
  34. ch 8 12 
    when examining children's peer status we find that,  ___ children are frequently nominated both as someones best friend and as being disliked
  35. h 8 13 
    social __ involves thoughts about social matters
  36. ch 8 14 
    jacob finds his relationship with akira exciting and a amusing. which function of friendship does their relationship fulfill
  37. ch 8 15 which of the following is not a special problm faced by schools in low-incomee neighborhoods?
  38. ch 8 16 
    to improve relations between ethnically diverse students eliot aronson suggested
  39. ch 8 17 
    the __ approach is a learner centered approach that emphasizes the importance of individuals is actively constructing their knowledge and understanding with guidance from he teacher
  40. ch 8 18 
    one of the key criticisms of the constructivist approach to teaching and learning is that
  41. ch 8 19 
    in a __ mind set children believe that their qualities can change and improve through effort
  42. ch 8 20 
    pat described as assertive , nurturing, and sensitive. pat's gender role classification would best be described as
  43. ch 7 #1  
    during the elementary school years, children grow an average of __ inches a year
  44. ch 7 # 2
    which of the following statements regarding body growth and proportion in the elementary school years is true
    boys are usually stronger than girls
  45. ch 7 #3 
    which of the following statements regarding motor development in middle and late childhood is true?
    motor development becomes smoother and more coordinated
  46. ch 7 #4 at what age do children begin to show motor manipulative skills similar to the abilities of adults
    10-12 years
  47. ch7 # 5 
    regarding exercise and sports in middle and late childhood, which of the following statements are true?
    eighty percent of children were not involved in any daily physical education in 1999
  48. ch 7 # 6 
    what is the most common form of cancer in children
  49. ch7 # 7 
    in childhood being overweight is more common among in __
  50. ch7 # 8 
    approximately __ % of children in public schools in the united states have a learning disability
  51. ch 7 #9
    which learning disability is marked by difficulty with handwriting
  52. ch7 #10 ___ is a learning disability whereby indivisuals have a severe impairment to read and spell
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