Legend of Damon and Pythias

  1. What has Pythias and Damon’s names come to mean?
    Their names have come down to the times to mean true friendship.
  2. Find the word rebel on page ___. Based on clues from the text, what does the word rebel mean? Explain why the people did not rebel against the King.
    Rebel means to go against someone who has greater authority like a King. They feared the King’s great and powerful army.
  3. Pythias says to the King, “I speak for myself alone. I have no wish to make trouble for anyone...You do not allow them to speak up for themselves. What does this quote tell you about the kind of person Pythias is?
    This quote helps to show that Pythias stands up for what is right. He also takes responsibility for his actions when he says, “I speak for myself alone.” He does not try to push the spotlight onto anyone else.
  4. Reread the narrator’s first lines on page ___. Based on this description, what do you think a tyrant is and does? What does the King in this story do to show that he is a tyrant?
    A tyrant is a person who controls other people without any consideration for their wants, needs, or desires. The King is being a tyrant by having Pythias arrested for merely speaking out for the people.
  5. Damon says, “I wish I could do something to save you!” What does Damon beg of the king?
    He begs for the King to let Pythias go home for a few days to bid farewell to his mother and sister. He tells the King that Pythias will return at his appointed time and everyone knows that his word can be trusted.
  6. What in the text shows that Pythias is an honorable person?
    • “Everyone in Sicily knows you for a man who has never broken his word.” (Page 48)
    • “Everyone knows that his word can be trusted.” (Page 50)
  7. Does the King let Pythias and Damon trade places? What does Damon promise to do?
    Yes. Damon offers to die in Pythias’s place if he does not return on time.
  8. Why is Pythias concerned about Damon? How do you know?
    He doesn’t want to leave his friend in prison with the chance that something could go wrong and not allow him to make it back in time.
  9. How does Damon feel about his chances of his being released because of Pythias’ return? What in the text makes you think so?
    After the King mocks Damon telling him he was a fool to make the bargain, Damon remains calm and says, “I have faith in my friend. I know he will return.”
  10. Find evidence that shows how Pythias feels about his family.
    We know he loves them because he made sure they would be able to live comfortably for the rest of their years. He asked his mother not to make it any harder for him.
  11. What obstacles does Pythias face in getting back to the city?
    Two robbers tie up Pythias and take his money. No one was around to hear him and he took up time to untie him. He was weak and dizzy. He knew time was running out in order to save Damon.
  12. How is the crowd feeling before the execution? How do you know?
    • There is an air of excitement the half hour before the execution because Pythias has not yet returned. The words the people are saying. Long Live the King! The longer he lives the more miserable our lives will be! In the stage direction “Crowd voices up to a roar, then under); Pythias has come back!
    • All the exclamation marks show the excitement.
  13. How does the King change in the selection?
    He was a tyrant in the beginning but in the end he says he would give all my money and power for one friend like Damon and Pythias.
  14. tyrant
    • Definition: a harsh, unjust ruler
    • Sentence: The tyrant in power ruled the people harshly.
  15. rebel
    • Definition: to resist a ruler's power
    • Sentence: The citizens began to rebel against the cruel king and his merciless ways.
  16. appoint
    • Definition: to name officially
    • Sentence: The coach will appoint someone as captain.
  17. traitor
    • Definition: someone who betrays another's trust
    • Sentence: A traitor spies on his country for the enemy.
  18. honorable
    • Definition: deserving of honor or respect
    • Sentence: Do the honorable thing and tell the truth.
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