Anatomy & Physiology

  1. -able, -lble
    able (viable, able to live)
  2. -ac
    Pertaining to (cardiac, pertaining to the heart)
  3. -Ad
    Used in anatomy to form adverbs of direction (cephalad, towards the head)
  4. -cide
    kill, destroy (biocide, substance that kills living things)
  5. -ectomy
    surgical remobal (appendectomy, surgical removal of the appendix)
  6. -gen
    something produced or generated or something that produces or generates (pathogen, something that can cause disease)
  7. -itis
    inicates inflammation (appendicitis, inflamation of the appendix)
  8. -iolgy
    study of, science of (physiology, study of the function of the body)
  9. -old
    liek, in the form of (thyroid, in the form of a shield)
  10. -oma
    tumor (carcinoma, a malignant tumor)
  11. -osis
    indicates disease (psychosis, a mental disease)
  12. -ous -ose
    full of (poisonous, full of poison)
  13. -scope
    instrument for viewing or observing (microscope)
  14. -atomy
    refers to a surgical procedure in which an artificial opening is made (colostomy, surgical formation of an artificial anus)
  15. -tomy
    cutting or section (appendectomy, cutting out the appendix)
  16. -uria
    refers to urine (polyuria, excessive production of urine)
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