Sumerians and Babylonian Empire

  1. Mesopotamia:
    The land Between the river where modern day Iraq is the birth play of some of the first know civilizations.
  2. City-state:
    Like a modern day country which promotes disunity and collapse
  3. Ziggurat:
    temple to chief deity massive in the middle of the city state for their chief deity ziggurat unified the city state
  4. Cuneiform:
    means wedge shaped in Latin writing had to go to a scribe school for years and first known story was written in cuneiform
  5. Sargon I:
    from Akkad 2300 B.C. he conquered Sumer because of their disunity and creates the first known empire
  6. Please write about the major inventions of the Sumerians:
    Arch, Potter’s wheel, sun dial, 12-month calendar, wheel, number system based on 60, bronze
  7. How/why did the Sumerians fall to the Akkadians?
    Sumerians 12 city-states fight against each other because of their chief deity and weakens them then when Sargon I attacked them one by one and conquered them then to unify his empire he uses his language
  8. How did Hammurabi unite his empire? Be Specific:
    Hammurabi becomes emperor of the Babylonian Empire and finds mass corruption from the powerful taking advantage of the weak and on the verge of the poor not fighting for them and causing mass disunity so he writes down his 282 codes of law based on two principles “eye for an eye” and protect the poor and has traveling judges who doesn’t care who you are if your poor or rich.
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Sumerians and Babylonian Empire
Sumerians and Babylonian Empire