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  1. what is the subheading of advertising?
    • positives of advertising 
    • negatives of advertising
    • opinions about advertising
  2. ideas about positives of advertising?(8)
    • Advertising is a key part of modern business
    • companies need to tell customers about their products 
    • advertisements inform us about the choices we have 
    • Advertising is a creative industry that employs many people
    • Without advertising we would have less choice 
    • Without advertising there would be higher unemployment 
    • Advertising is a form of modern art
    • People enjoy adverts
  3. Negatives of Advertising (10)
    • Advertising manupulates people 
    • it aims to persuade people that buying a product will make them happier 
    • Advertisers focus on selling a brand image 
    • They use glamorous, successful people 
    • We now live in a consumer culture  
    • We are persuaded to follow the latest trend 
    • We are encouraged to associate certain brands with a higher status 
    • Advertisers often aim their marketing at children
    • children can easily be influenced by advertisements 
    • children put pressure on parents to buy them things
  4. Opinions about Advertising (9)
    • Advertising should be regulated
    • Advertising aimed at children should be controlled or even banned 
    • Unhealthy foods should not be marketed in a way that attracts children
    • products that can be risk to healthy should display warnings
    • in some countries it is illegal to advertise cigarettes on television
    • warnings must be displayed on cigarette packtets
    • however, advertising is necessary in free market economies 
    • It creates demand for products 
    • Governments should only censor false information or products that are harmful
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