history test 1

  1. what is history
    A story of changes/events in the human race.
  2. how far back does your family tree go?
    to the beginning of humanity. people come from people.
  3. what's the path of human migration? what does it indicate?
    100k-Africa 70k-asia 35k-europe 30k-15k- Ice age 10k-Americas. this means you come from a successful family and you are African.
  4. what is success?
    Achieving a goal.
  5. what is a goal? what are the characteristics of a goal?
    something you intend to do. 1. time element 2. quantifiable, #'s. (øbetter ømore) 3. specific, exactly your goal.
  6. what are the 7 institutions of thought?
    • Government: management of people
    • religion: beliefs OF the afterlife
    • economy: management of resources
    • education: what one needs to know to succeed/survive in their environment
    • customs: the expected way of doing things
    • ´╗┐technology: tools for success
    • Art: a physical representation of a thought or emotion
  7. define Institution of Thought.
    the way one thinks about something. (weddings)
  8. what is culture?
    Beliefs or characteristics of a society or people
  9. Macro culture?
    BIG - Nations, wester/eastern civilization
  10. micro culture?
    small - community, school, family
  11. what are beliefs?
    what one "holds" to be true.
  12. meaning of: "don't believe everything you think, think about everything you believe"
    Question everything.
  13. meaning of: "nothing is.... but thinking makes it so."
    Internal creates meanings for the external
  14. meaning of: " nothing is.... always, anything. it's not hot, cold, good, bad, right, or wrong."
    it all depends on one's perspective.
  15. what do people want to be all the time?
  16. why study history?
    who we are is who we were. if you don't know who we were, you don't know who YOU are. when one knows about something, one feels connected/ a part of it. when one doesn't know about something, one feels disconnected. one's connection to humanity influences their decisions/experiences in their life.
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