Chemistry 100 B

  1. Pure Substance
    Is any form of matter that has a uniform composition and can't be seperated by physical methods.
  2. Compound
    Made up of atoms from 2 or more elements chemically bounded together.
  3. Molecular Compound / Ionic Compound
    A molecule is the simplest form of a molecule compound. / A formula unit is the simplest form of an ionic compound.
  4. Mixtures
    Is a mix 2 or more of a pure substance that are physically combines not chimically combine.
  5. Homogeneous Mixture
    Substances that compose it are so evenly distributed that a sample from one part to another will be chemically identical to another sample part.
  6. Alloys
    Are mixtures of metallic elements.
  7. Heterogeneous Mixture
    Composition varies from one regions of the sample to another.
  8. Periodic Table
    Shows all of the chemical elements, arranged in a specific pattern.
  9. Dmitri Mendeleer
    • (1869)(Russian Chemist)
    • By the time he started working on the periodic table there were 63 known elements.
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