Ren R 441 landscape models of soil formation

  1. catena
    • chain of soils 
    • a series of distinct soils on a slope
    • result of pedogenic processes and how they vary as a result of changing slope
    • a toposequence?
  2. soil taxa result from operation of a ______________ on the parent sediments
    distinctive pedogenic regime
  3. pedogenic regime
    hydrological and geological processes occurring on a landscape scale
  4. hydrological processes controlling lower slope soils related to: (3 things)
    • magnitude of surface and near-surface flow
    • ability to transmit flow
    • interaction with groundwater
  5. specific dispersal area
    • how much water an area sheds 
    • *areas that receive a lot of water won't dispense a low*
  6. western canada common salts? cations
    • magnesium
    • calcium
  7. western canada common salts? anions
    • nitrate salts
    • sulfate salts
  8. current distribution of pedogenic salts within the landscape correlated with what?
    the distribution of soil profiles
  9. spatial variability in long-term soil water balance =
    spatial variability in distribution of soils and pedogenic salts
  10. why are carbonates sensitive to pH?
    carbonic acid helps dissolve carbonates and leach them down
  11. gypsum
    • calcium sulfate
    • more soluble than carbonates
  12. buried soils indicate what?
    changes in original topography
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Ren R 441 landscape models of soil formation
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