Soc. St. Chap. 8, 9-3

  1. What as the XYZ Affair?
    a conflict between France and US
  2. What was significant about the election of 1800?
    it was a tie and the House of Representatives decided who won
  3. What does it mean to be "partisan"?
    favoring one side of the issue
  4. How did most Americans feel about Jay's Treaty?
    They did not support it
  5. What does "laissez-faire" mean?
    let people do as they choose
  6. Who was Sacagawea?
    a Shoshone indian girl wo helped Lewis and Clark
  7. Who  was Tecumseh?
    Shawnee Chief killed at the Battle of Thames
  8. Who were the "War Hawks"?
    Republicans who was pro war
  9. Who wrote "The Star Spangled Banner"?
    Francis Scott Key
  10. What battle made Andrew Jackson famous?
    The Battle of New Orleans
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Soc. St. Chap. 8, 9-3
Soc. St. Chap. 8, 9-3