History of Psychology in Letters: Ch. 15

  1. What was the purpose of Project Pigeon?
    To use pigeons, placed in the nosecone of a missile, to serve as a guidance system.
  2. What were the main features of the baby tender?
    • It was enclosure with a large, safety-glass picture window, intended to replace the crib and bassine.
    • No pajamas/ blankets
  3. How did Skinner respond to the concern that one bath a week would affect the “fun for the mother and child?”
    • More time for parents to have fun without being burdened by chores
    • The baby is well cared for and happy, which is what matters
    • Other ways to have fun
  4. What change did the editors of Ladies Home Journal make to the title of Skinner’s article?
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History of Psychology in Letters: Ch. 15