History of Psychology in Letters: Ch.3

  1. How was Darwin’s employment on the Beagle important to the development of his theory?
    He did extensive study on the Beagle and while there, collected many mineral, plant, and animal forms that he would refer back to as evidence for evolution.
  2. What reasons were offered for why Darwin delayed the publication of his theory?
    • Darwin was very much aware of the social consequences of his theory (linking humans to animals)
    • Work has already been done on the origin of species, but was trashed
    • Was exceptionally meticulous as a scientist
    • Didn't want to publish after Wallace had
  3. How did the package he received from Alfred Russel Wallace turn Darwin’s world “upside down?”
    It was a manuscript from Wallace that posed a similar theory, leading to a moral dilemma on Darwin's part
  4. What was the general conclusion that Darwin described in his October 12, 1844 letter to Jenyns?
    species are mutable & that allied species are co-descendants of common stocks
  5. What did Lyell and Hooker decide to do about Darwin’s and Wallace’s papers?
    • Lyell and Hooker read three documents at a meeting of the Linnean Society of London: the manuscript that Wallace had sent to Darwin,
    • excerpts from Darwin’s essay of 1844, and a letter from Darwin to Asa Gray
    • Both of the theoretical papers were published in an 1858 issue of the Linnean
    • Society’s journal.
  6. How did Captain FitzRoy react to Darwin’s book?
    As someone who took the bible literally, he regretted helping Darwin develop the theory. He became depressed and committed suicide.
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History of Psychology in Letters: Ch.3
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