Social Studies Test 2

  1. What did the French and Indian War cause?
    • a huge debt
    • taxation
    • and proclamation line
  2. No Taxation with Representation?
  3. What did the Albany plan do?
    united colonies under 1 government
  4. When was the Proclamation Line?
  5. What is mercantilism?
    • economic policy
    • raw materials sent to England then back to the colonists
  6. What does the Writs of Assistance do?
    search and seizer
  7. What was the sugar act?
    a tax on sugar and molasses
  8. What was the stamp act?
    tax on printed materials
  9. What was the quartering act?
    colonist had to house soldiers
  10. Who were the Sons of Liberty?
    • patriots
    • secret organization
  11. What did the Boston Massacre do?
    made people more anti-British
  12. Why the Boston Tea Party?
    tax on tea boycotted
  13. What were the Intolerable acts?
    punishment for Boston Tea party
  14. What did they did they decide at the First Continental Congress
    boycott all British goods
  15. What was Lexington and Concord?
    the first battles of the war
  16. What did the Second Continental Congress do ?
    • created national currency- continentals
    • created army
    • George Washington commander
  17. What was the Olive Branch Petition try to do?
    last attempt at peace
  18. Who was Crispus Attucks?
    he was the first person to be shot at the Boston Massacre
  19. Who was Samuel Adams?
    Sons of Liberty founder
  20. Who was Mercy Otis Warren?
    woman that created anti-British plays
  21. Who was Thomas Paine?
    wrote Common Sense convincing colonists to support independence form Britain
  22. Who was John Locke?
    argued for unalienable rights
  23. What was the quote from Patrick Henry?
    Give me Liberty or Give me Death
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