Chapter 13: Personality

  1. What is personality?
  2. Discuss the theories of personality presented in the text and lecture. How does each attempt to explain the origins of personality? Give an example.
  3. Describe Freud’s structural model of personality. What is the role/function of each structure?
  4. What is the function of a defense mechanism? List several and give an example of each.
  5. What are the “Big 5” personality factors? Give an example of each.
  6. What is temperament?
  7. How is personality influenced by genetics?
  8. What is the source of this information?
  9. What is a basic tendency?
  10. A characteristic adaptation?
  11. How stable is personality over the lifespan?
  12. What is a projective measure of personality?
  13. An objective measure? Give an example of each.
  14. Discuss some cultural and gender differences in personality traits.
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Chapter 13: Personality
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