Earth Science

  1. What is a rock?
    A rock is a solid material found throughout the earths crust.
  2. What is a petrology?
    It is the study of rocks, and their classification.
  3. What are metamorphic rocks?
    They are result and change of a natural rock, changing it into a different rock.
  4. What is a rocks texture?
    A rocks texture is the way it fell and looks which usually involves the grain of the rock as well.
  5. wWhat is the grain of a rock?
    The grain of the rock, is the texture of the rock, it is the different types of materials that are embedded into the rock.
  6. What are igneous rocks?
    They are rock that are emitted out of a volcano and have hardened.
  7. How can grains of rocks benefit us?
    It helps us identify the rock and other different types of materials so they can be classified.
  8. What are the two categories that igneous rocks are placed in?
    They are classified as intrusive igneous rocks and extrusive igneous rocks.
  9. What are the different types of the igneous rocks in the two categories intrusive and extrusive rocks.
    • Intrusive: Gabbro, Diorite, Granite.
    • Extrusive: Basalt, Andesite, Rhyolite.
  10. What is obsidian?
    Obsidian is a type of igneous rock that is formed when water and lava collide, which can also be known as pillow lava, but because the lava is much hotter when it collides it creates obsidian.
  11. What is a sedimentary rock?
    A sedimentary rock is formed up of different sediments, it is made up of different minerals found on the ground, sky, and sea.
  12. What are clasts?
    Clasts are rocks made out of eroded fragments.
  13. What is the technical term for clasts?
    Clastic Sedimentary Rocks.
  14. What are non-Clastic Materials?
    Non-Clastic, or chemical sedimentary rocks, are are formed from sediments that are not clastic materials.
  15. What is precipitation?
    Precipitation is the act of water falling out of the sky, also known as raining.
  16. What is the insignificance of limestone?
    When it rains acid, it disintegrates the limestone, keep in mind very few parts of the world, it rains acid.
  17. What is a recycling rock?
    It is a rock that has been formed and has melted again to created a new type of igneous or metamorphic rock.
  18. What is the rock cycle theory?
    It is the belief that rocks are created, and then formed back into an igneous liquid to be formed again.
  19. True or False...... One day will all rocks be a igneous liquid again.
    True... depending on if igneous rocks are no longer during the earths recreation.
  20. Are rocks specifically designed to be wiped out and created again?
  21. What is the secular view of the cycle of rocks?
    Secular scientists believe metamorphic and igneous rocks were created over a long period of time.
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