SAT Vocab

  1. Vicarious, vicar
    done by one person substiuting for another, one who represents another
  2. enigma, enigmatic, enigmatially
    mystery or puzzle, mysterious, mysteriously
  3. adulate, adulatory, adulation
    to praise excessively
  4. orthodox, orthodoxy
    conservative or fundamental, the established beliefs of a religion
  5. anachronistic
    something out of its proper time
  6. idiosyncratic, idiosyncrasy
    behavioral eccentricity
  7. abhor, abhorence, abhorrent
    to detest, loathe, repellent
  8. surreptitious, surreptitiously
    secret or steathy
  9. debacle
    a sudden disastorous collape, defeat or downfall
  10. consecration, consecrate, ant. desecrate
    to make sacred, ant. to abuse the sacredness of something
  11. equitable
    impartial, fair
  12. calumny
  13. assiduious, assiduiously
    diligent, diligently
  14. profound, profundity
  15. amalgam
    a mixture (in chemistry a mixture of mercury and another substance)
  16. polemic, polemical
    Controversy, argument, or debate
  17. Laud, laudatory, plaudit, applause
    to praise, praiseworthy, expression of praise, praise shown by clapping
  18. indefatigable
  19. nefarious
    evil, wicked
  20. insidious
    working in a subtle or secret manner
  21. stagnation, stagnent
    stale, not moving
  22. rancor, ranorous, rancorously
    deep seated ill-will
  23. decorous, decorum
    proper, conforming to social convention
  24. viscous
    tending to resist flow
  25. frugal, frugality
    thrifty, careful with money
  26. indiscreet, indiscretion, ant, discrestion
    imprudent, ant. good judgement
  27. mendicant
    a beggar
  28. sychophant
    a sevile flatterer of important persons
  29. dissembler, dissemble
    one who feigns, to disguise the real nature of ot to feign or simulate
  30. collusion, collude
    the act of consiring defraud, to connive
  31. facade
    the front face of a building, an artificial or false apperence
  32. buffoon, buffoonery
    clown or jester, clowning
  33. affect, affectation
    to pretend or feign, artifical behavior in order to impress others
  34. exhort, exhortation
    to urge strongly by argument, a strong urging
  35. benefactor, ant. malefactor
    literally a "do-gooder", one who gives financial or other aid, ant. an evil doer
  36. avarice
  37. glutton, gluttony, gluttonous
    one who eats excessively
  38. euology
    a public speech given in praise of someone or something
  39. divert, diversion
    to amuse or entertain, amusement or entertainment
  40. stoic
    unmoved emotionally by pleasure or pain
  41. provincial
    narrow-minded, rustic
  42. impunity
    exemption from punishment or penalty
  43. equanimity
    calmness, imperturbability
  44. alacracy
    cheerful eagerness, sprightliness
  45. fortitude
    strenght of mind that allows one to endure pain or adversity with courage
  46. galvanize
    to arouse awarness or action
  47. rebuke
    scold, castigate, upbraided
  48. sanguine
  49. dire
    warning of disaster, urgent or grave
  50. tenuous
    thin, insubstantial, flimsy
  51. florid
    heavily embellished, flowery, flushed, ruddy
  52. raucous
    boisterous, disorderly
  53. eclectic
    coming from different sources
  54. indigenous
    native, aborigine
  55. pedestrian
  56. bereavement
    grief, morning over the death of someone
  57. animosity
    enmity, bitter hostility
  58. elucidate, lucid
    to make clear, clear
  59. pugnancy, pugilist, pugnacious
    aggressiveness, a boxer, aggressive
  60. gullible
    easily decieved or duped
  61. posterity
    future generations
  62. eloquence, circumlocution
    fluid or persuasive dicourse, talk that goes in circles
  63. misanthrope, ant. philanthrope
    one who hates mankind, ant. humanitarian
  64. nocturnal, ant. diurnal
    occuring at night
  65. cerebral
    pertaining to the brain
  66. reticent
    disinclined to speak out
  67. zealot
  68. ardent
  69. officious
    excessively forward in offering service or advice
  70. superfluous
  71. impetuous
  72. disparage
  73. vindicate
    to clear of blame
  74. veneer
    a thin layer of material used to cover an inferior material
  75. embellish
    to decorate
  76. transcend
    to rise above, surpass, exceed
  77. apprehension
  78. disquiet
    to make uneasy, to trouble
  79. exemplary
    admerible, ideal
  80. trite
    overused, lacking in orginality
  81. pliancy
    receptive to change
  82. shroud
    to cover with cloth, a burial cloth
  83. torpid
  84. belligerent
    aggressively hostile, warlike
  85. didactic
    intended to teach, making moral observations
  86. warrent
    to justifiy
  87. oblique
    neither parallel nor perpindicular, indirect, devious
  88. verbose
  89. tacit
    quiet, silent
  90. inimical
    hostile, unfriendly
  91. amerliorate
    to make better or more tolerable
  92. talisman
    a charm used to avert evil and bring good fortune
  93. harbinger
    one who presages or foreshadows what is to come
  94. beneficent
    doing or producing good, especially acts of kindness or charity
  95. dilettante
    a person having a superficial intrest in an art or branch of knowledge
  96. itinerant
    one who travels from place to place
  97. obstreperous
    subbornly resistant to control
  98. soporific
    something that induces sleep
  99. repugnance
    strong dislike or distaste
  100. molt
    the shedding of shells, horns, fur, or feathers
  101. digress
    to turn from the main subject of attention
  102. voracious
    having a huge appetite
  103. congenial
    pleasent, sociable
  104. immaterial
    of no substantial importance
  105. drone
    a monotonous sound, also a drudge, parasite
  106. inflection
    a change in pitch or loudness of voice
  107. carp
    to find fault, complain
  108. castigation
    servere punishment
  109. collaborate
    to work jointly with others
  110. exacerbate
    to make more violent, bitter, or severe
  111. exonerate
    to relieve of responisbility or blame
  112. temporal
    relating to earthly life
  113. impeccable
    incapable of sinning, flawless
  114. mitigate
    to lessen the severity
  115. propagate
    in increase, to foster a growing knowledge
  116. revile
    to subject to verbal abuse
  117. novice
  118. equivocate
    use ambiguous language with the intent to decieve, to aviod commiting oneself
  119. paragon
    a model of excellence
  120. conundrum
    an intricate and difficult problem, mystery
  121. vignette
    a short, descriptive, literacy sketch
  122. somnolent
    heavy with sleep, drowsy
  123. charlatan
    a fraud or faker
  124. quack
    a fraud, one who pretends to have medical skill
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