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  1. One positive leadership skill is the ability to achieve and sustain the healthy accommodation of differences in the workplace, regardless of  what those differences are.  Share an example of your successes in fostering a healthy work environment.
    Crushing rumors, A lot of rumors about SWAT position. Asking input for staff meetings, A lot of rumor about the new Chief, possibly going outside.  I told them i highly doubt it all other similar positions in the village they have gone from inside.  Only if problems or not trained up and that is not an issue.
  2. Why does this position interest you? What attracts you to our organization? What can you tell us about our organization
    Resume, I am seeking to take the next step in an already successful career by pursuing the position of Deputy Chief. I would like to continue to mentor and develop officers and believe that this position will allow me to positively impact the careers of the next generation of officers. It would be an honor to heighten the department by imparting knowledge from my 26 years of experience, work ethic and high standard of performance
  3. Give us an example of an important goal you set, and tell us about how you reached it.
    To become a Sergeant.  Studied for the test a lot. Became an FTO,Detective, instructor for everything around our waist. By getting all these leadership roles I believed it would help me in becoming a Sergeant.
  4. Describe a major problem you have faced and how you dealt with it.  Describe a situation when you effectively solved a problem by combining different approaches.
    Rental drug houses, surveillance, garbage pulls, took off drug users, search warrant, publicised, then went to owner of property, got them to knock down houses or clean up the problem.
  5. What do you think the major ongoing concerns in this job will be?  How would you solve them?
    Managing officers, production, disciplinary
  6. Give an specific example of a time when you used good judgment and logic in solving a problem.
    I put in for window punches when I heard an officer on a call of a fully engulfed car with a subject inside of it and he could not break the window with his Baton.On transports to County guys were using expensive property bags for arrestees personal items.  I purchased brown paper bags for subjects we were not transporting and transport bags for subjects we were transporting.Came up with outdoor checklist for shoot, kept forgetting items
  7. How do you create a team among those who work for you?  What has worked?  What hasn’t?
    Set clear expectations, inform them of the expectation so they know their role. By not micromanaging.
  8. *What did you do in your last job to contribute to an environment of strong teamwork?  Please be specific.
    Communicate, evaluate situations and ask how they think they could have handled a situation better as a team or point out how things went well because of how they worked together as a team. Praise them for job well done
  9. What do you believe sets you apart from all other candidates?
    First I would like to say I know I am up against some very stiff competition.  I am a dedicated veteran officer of 26 years. I have been a FTO for 4 out of the 5 current Sergeants and I have been a FTO for over half the current police department.  I have also been a direct supervisor to two of my current counter patrol Sergeants. **I am the most senior veteran Patrol Officer and have the second most years of experience at Westmont Police Department. In this time, I have learned and applied the value of writing comprehensive and accurate reports. I have effectively multi-tasked throughout my career and have a proven track record of making the best possible decision with the available information, even when under pressure. I have maintained a high standard of integrity for others and myself in my 26 years with Westmont Police Department. **The only times I have ever been suspended were for traffic accidents.  I pride myself in not having disciplinary letters in my personnel file. Officers like opportunities for advancement. With the only the position of D/C to put in for Sergeants, If any other candidates is  selected the next opportunity for advancement to a D/C spot will not be for 7 years that is a long time.  If I am selected once I have 30 years complete in 4 yrs. the next opportunity will be in 4 year and then 3 years after that.**I’m not perfect person I continue to try and get better. They maybe more qualified person for this position, but none will out perform me if I get this position.
  10. Tell us about a place you worked that made you feel proud to be part of the team.  Why?
    The Westmont Police Department, parents came from Cicero. Thought you had to pay to get on.  I did not try for Berwyn, I wanted to earn the job on my own.  Detective division, every time we did an operation together.  When you hear the bad guys say, my parents told me not to come to Westmont, they don’t mess around or “arrestmont”. Proud to put on the uniform, proud that I work with some of what I think are the best officers.
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