chem gr 10

  1. Ion
    a charged atom
  2. Cation
    positively charged ion
  3. Anion
    negatively charged ion
  4. Valence electron
    the electrons in the outermost energy level
  5. Ionic bond
    electrostatic attraction between a cation and anion
  6. ionic compound
    a compound made by the transfer of electrons between a metal and a non metal
  7. multivalent metal
    more than one ionic charge
  8. polyatomic ions
    more than one atom, bond together which carry a charge
  9. crystal lattice
    what an ionic compound exists as at room temprature
  10. molecular compound
    a compound made from 2 non metals
  11. molecule
    smallest discrete particle of an atom that still retains its identity
  12. covalent bonds
    the bond between 2 non metals
  13. reactant
    a pure substance that undergoes a chemical change
  14. coefficent
    a number that id placed in front of a chemical formula in a balanced chemical equation
  15. product
    a pure substance that is formed in a chemical charge; the properties of the products are different from the properties of the reactants
  16. chemical reaction
    a process in which new substances with new properties are formed
  17. law of conservation of mass
    in a chemical reaction, the total mass of the products is always the same as the total mass of the reactants
  18. catalyst
    substance that increase the rate of the reaction and is regenerated at the end of the reaction
  19. activity series
    a series of elements organized according to their reactivity
  20. precipitate
    insoluble solid formed in a chemical reaction
  21. acid
    compound that produces hydrogen ions when dissolved in water
  22. base
    a compound that forms hydroxide ions when dissolved in water
  23. indicator
    a substance that changes colour to show the concentration of hydrogen and hydroxide ions in a solution
  24. neutralization
    reaction of an acid and base to produce salt and water
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