Chapter 42

  1. occurs when a valued person, object, or situation is changed or becomes inaccessible such that its values is diminished or removed
  2. can be recognized by others as well as by the person sustaining the loss
    ex. loss of limb, child, money, job
    actual loss
  3. experience by the person but is intangible to others.
    ex. loss of youth, financial independence, valued environment
    perceived loss
  4. experience as a result of natural developmental process
    ex. first child may experience a loss when a sibling is born, parent may experience a loss when child goes to school
    maturational loss
  5. is experienced as a result of an unpredictable event
    ex. injury, disease, death, national disaster
    situational loss
  6. is an internal emotional reaction to loss. it occurs with loss caused by separation or by death
  7. is the actions and expressions of that grief, including the symbols and ceremonies that make up the outward expression of grief
  8. a state of grieving from loss of a loved ones
  9. kubler ross death reaction
    • denial and isolation
    • anger
    • bargaining
    • depression
    • acceptance
  10. it appoints an agent the person trust to make decision in the event of subsequent incapacity
    durable power of attorney
  11. is a medical order indicating a patient's wishes regarding treatment commonly used in medical crisis
    physician order for life-sustaining treatment
  12. order that indicates that the goal of treatment is comfortable, dignified death and that further life-sustaining measures are no longer indicated
    comfort-measures-only order
  13. gradual withdrawal of mechanical ventilation from a patient with terminal illness or an irreversible condition with a poor prognosis
    terminal weaning
  14. signs of dying
    loss of thirst and anorexia
  15. good dying
  16. is taking specific steps to cause a patients death
    active euthanasia
  17. defined as withdrawing medical treatment with the intention of causing the patient's death
    passive euthanasia
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